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StarCraft 2

So many 3/3 Reapers and one Invincible army

Protoss ATHEOTES n/a 53
Terran WhiteKnight n/a 75
Terran francisco n/a 36
Zerg nemo n/a 54
Zerg Dot n/a 45
Terran naruto n/a 50
Terran SiSu n/a 74
Protoss Theaetetus n/a 35
#1ATHEOTES  Apr 3 2014, 22:37 PM -
Replays: 191
This game came down to me playing defense with a Protoss deathball army (which we all know doesn't lose to anything) and my teammate making a shit ton of 3/3 reapers. It is ridiculous. Enjoy!
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