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Supreme Survival of the Fittest!

#1Zebby5000  Jun 19 2009, 06:53 AM -
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(map name: Supreme Art of Defence) ~SC~
~map description~
you basically build up a defence base while being sent wave after wave of units, all the while growing tougher and tougher.
after 22 waves it resets but the enemies are stronger and better.


yes this is round 2 incase you have seen my first (if you havnt then dont bother, after i setup my base i made the mistake of underestimateing how strong they grew and was playing around nuking myself... anyhow this i took it serious, used my most phancy strategy to stay alive and get as far as i can.
(current record: 2 hours 48 minutes)
just to let you know the action doesnt really begin until 2 hours so just go x10, get a drink etc maybe snack lol or watch my base get setup.
2 hour mark= 3 collosions with 4.7 mill hp each)
2 hour 40 minutes mark= 3 collosions with 5.74 mill hp each)

i was with a friend who had to leave early, even though i tried to protect him even give him units etc but wasnt able (gave me the option even) so just diverted to nuking his opponents while i further setup my own.
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