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djj07 vs owlmaster08 UEF mirror

#1djj07  Aug 26 2007, 09:13 AM -
Replays: 6 Game:
This is a ranked game between two average players. There's quite much action over the mass points and the game is quite even. The length of the match is somewhere around 30 minutes.

I would like this match to be reviewed if possible smile.gif
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#2kiwik  Aug 28 2007, 04:53 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Allright, I watched the game quickly and I've noted a couple of points to improve. I can't be of much help this week on GPGnet because I'm rather busy. Anyway, here it is :

-2nd factory should be faster -> you need to get more tanks out there

-exansion halted because of slow map control -> result of not having factories up fast enough

-too much energy, build mass fabs earlier (+180 @ 7 min)

-scout planes stationned in base, should have them patrolling somewhere useful

-1:1 scout inty ratio is not all that good

-no landscouts or airscout when pushing at 11min -> see the patrolling airscout advice

-dont build Lobos unless you are in the opponent base (build strikers instead) -> that goes especially for T1 stage, lobos aren't useful on the field, get a good 3 Striker, 1 Marine, 1 Scout build instead. Tweek it how you want. Problem with the Lobo is the projectile, it's only useful for sneaky drops in the backbase (6 of them will take out a factory in something like 2 hits)

-letting enemy commander wreak havoc on the west front -> You focused too much on the Eastern mexs, why didn't you send your commander to meet him and flank him with your Pillars instead?

-too much energy buildup (OVER 1000!! @ 15 minutes)

-No assasination attempt on renegade commander, ghetto gunships would have made short work of his ACU

-You have airsuperiorty, get some bombers up to disrupt his engineering power, this would have slowed his T3 progression as well.

-Send your interceptors on patrol and assist the airfactory building AA -> this goes for early game, you could have gained airsup and air recon a lot faster with this. Plugging 2-3 engineers on your air factory wouldn't be a bad thing.

-Need airstaging -> you had planes out of fuel sent to the fight.

I hope this helps you, if you have any concerns, just PM me. Good luck!
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