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[R] [3220] GoW-Brainiac vs ACE_Hysteria, WD, aeon mirror

#1Brainiac  Mar 17 2007, 19:18 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
I need to work on my air, tho T2 mobile AA FTW smile.gif
#2Lunar_Wind  Mar 17 2007, 23:53 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
I got this one'. : ) Should have a review up for you within 24hours Brainman biggrin.gif
#3Brainiac  Mar 18 2007, 12:02 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
Thanks banana.gif
#4Lunar_Wind  Mar 19 2007, 21:56 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
Quick Edit: Sorry this was late! :X

Gameplay Summary::
An Aeon mirror on Winter Duel, though both go late air, it escalates into an interesting air/ground mixed war, with BrainiacCPU having the seeming upper hand on the ground, and _Hysteria_ Having the upper hand in the air. Also shows some Tank vrs Artillery combat on Winter, needless to say, the auroras get pwned badly due to their slow movement and terrain. The game goes on like this for a while before Brainiac CPU finally ends it with a T2 Turret Crawl.

Both Players
+ Both use pretty standard build orders well, getting their first factories up at almost exactly the same time.
+ Both made good use of the field reclaimables (Ice, etc.).
* No early air? While this didn't hurt either, it could've been a huge advantage with an early bomber or 2, arguable even 1-2 could've taken the game early on here with how bad the Aeon ground AA is.
- Both sides have some major econ trouble, with high energy and extremely low mass, fabs, guys'? : x Or upgrade your MeX's? : / You were both running -15 to -25 over income all game on incomes of +15 to +25, a whole 100% below your income. : /
- Generally bad scouting/radar coverage by both players.
- Late/No teching up.

IPB ImageBrainiacCPU
+ Nice early PD, too bad _Hysteria_ played so non-offensively in the first 4-5 minutes or it would've worked a lot better.
+ Very good use of the comm shield, using a formation of arty behind him to do the damage and just dancing him, you crushed almost all of _Hysteria_'s forces without losses.
+ Impressive targeting micro on the air battle at your base while keeping an eye on your frontline forces.
* Your Ground AA Actually hit a bomber, while you had nothing to do with it, that was awesome.
- Got air scouts but didn't use them. : x
- Lost air superiority time and time again, if _Hysteria_ had capitalized on this well you likely would've lost the game.
- You made a TAC and then didn't use it?! You could've either Killed his comm, or all of his factories here, come on BrainiacCPU! D:
Player Rating: 6

IPB Image_Hysteria_
+ Good quick expansion.
+ Regained Air Superiority well after the first bomber run. However you didn't capitalize on this like you should have for a long time, and even then, didn't focus on what could've pulled this game quickly for you: The comm, still at 3-4k health, your ~3 bombers could've shut him down hard.
* What were your bombers supposed to be attacking in BrainiacCPU's base? : /
* Took huge damage to your comm repeatedly by his Fervors. Keep an eye on that'. : X
- You used almost entirely Auroras and Scouts early on, while Brainiac used Fervors/Auroras with a radar installation, bad early unit mix choice for this map by _Hysteria_, although he does rectify this later, but not before the damage is done, and seems to have trouble capitalizing on the use of his artillery on this map's unique terrain.
- Played generally very defensively, perticularly early on.
- You built up a bunch of bombers before using them, if you would've struck with the first you could've nailed his air fac's building interceptor and done some major damage to his power and econ.
- Didn't rebuild lost MeX or kill his again after he rebuilt them.
- Let your commling die to a PD. D:<
Player Rating: 4

+ The game shows some interesting Air and Ground combat with mixed units and some major comm work by BrainiacCPU and some minor comm work by _Hysteria_
+ A lot of dynamic movement that makes this game a lot of fun to watch from strategic view and/or at +10 speed (Or some other +fast number), +.5 for that'. : )
* The game shows little/no teching up.
- The game shows poor Econ management for much of the game.

Final Verdict
5.5/10 - A just above average quality game(5.5 out of 10), BrainiacCPU plays pretty well in his ground game, but lacks in the air department, while _Hysteria_ plays pretty average-mediocre on all battlefields.
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#5frillyknickers  Mar 20 2007, 14:04 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
definitely the most striking thing was the lack of scouts & radar coverage to me.

you were using t1 mobile artil a lot. obviously since their LOS is smaller than their range, they need more coverage-- you had one radar for that, and you lucked out, but really he could have (and should have) knocked that out then assaulted you.

scouts are cheap, no reason not to throw a few in for extra LOS when using artil
#6Hysteria  Mar 20 2007, 17:09 PM -
Replays: 8 Game:
what was i trying to bomb? Cant remember, But i do remember that the bombers were doing the trick of not letting go of the bombs. This winds me up something chronic. But you're right I played poorly and was saying as much while I was playing. Much to the delight of those around me at the time tongue.gif
#7atmospherecf  Mar 23 2007, 05:48 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
gg, i need some training....
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