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How do you kill a t1 gunship?

#1Rienzilla  Mar 8 2007, 00:09 AM -
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Ranked game on sentry point. I try to take the third starting point with my commander. I scout his base early and notice he's going for a t1 gunship raid. I decide to let 2 out of 6 (!) factories produce _only_ sky slammers (remember, the excellent cybran homing T1 AA). The rush comes as expected, the gunships run into my commander accompanied by about 10 sky slammers. But what a surprise, t1 gunships simply do not die against AA.

If you watch closely, you see that the AA mostly hits the flares, not the transport that carries them. the result is a gunship with almost 400 HP! (against like 15 HP for a bomber). I thought this bug had already been fixed sad.gif

The only counter to this strategy is probably to have 10 interceptors ready as soon as his raid comes. bah.

An extremely annoyed Rienzilla.
#2FunkOff  Mar 8 2007, 00:10 AM -
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scout.... scout... scout... is prolyl ur best bet
#3Lunar_Wind  Mar 8 2007, 00:13 AM -
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QUOTE(FunkOff @ Mar 7 2007, 07:10 PM) *

scout.... scout... scout... is prolyl ur best bet

He did scout. D: Read post.
#4Rienzilla  Mar 8 2007, 00:23 AM -
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QUOTE(FunkOff @ Mar 8 2007, 01:10 AM) *

scout.... scout... scout... is prolyl ur best bet

Funkoff: I scouted, I knew what was coming, I was ready for it, but the point is that AA simply doesn't work against these things.
#5FunkOff  Mar 8 2007, 00:29 AM -
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Just watched...

Yeah this is a bug... a patch change before stated, very specifically, that transport hitboxes will be expanded to encompass all the units the transport carries... this is a bug, report it
#6Corpus  Mar 8 2007, 02:38 AM -
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Radio tried that rush on me with 3 T1 gunships @ open palms, pretty much where gollum died on. I managed to survive with my acu having 50% hp left. i had about 3 factories spamming T1 aa's and made 1-2 AA towers with my acu. It seems that either aeons t1 aa's or t1 aa towers pretty much own those transports. Gotta watch the replay to see what exactly got them down fast, the tower or mobile aa's.
#7FFAxDeadLegion  Mar 8 2007, 06:18 AM -
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Gotta build a static AA as cybran, the mobile AA is good for light HP units the static AA will do some damage against those transports.

Also if you know its coming quickly build an air lab, even 2 ints can quickly take care of those transports.
#8Ar-Bee  Mar 8 2007, 12:28 PM -
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its cause the mobile AA's shoot homing missiles so yeah they probebly would hit the first thing they come in contact with

other AA's shoot projectiles so i guess its something they didnt look out for...
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