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Gnats3 vs SC-Account (Winter Duel tournament)

#1Testingfreak  Nov 8 2007, 04:59 AM -
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Gnats3 got up a air factory fast and a T1 transporter full of T1 bots, but I got no anti air at that time so he killed most of my T1 engineers, which where upgrading a T1 factory to T2. I tried to kill his factory with my commander, cause I though I wont have a chance otherwise, unfortunately i wasn't able to get so close to his base and he got my commander down to ~200 HP (yes you where right about that..). I got my ACU out of his commanders range somehow and killed the T2 units, which where hunting my commander, with my own T2 bots and survived...

I think Gnats3 is a better player then me, but it was a thrilling 10 minutes game.
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#2Gnats3  Nov 9 2007, 23:24 PM -
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I turned my ACU around because I thought my last rhino or two could finish you off, and I wanted my ACU to survive with the most hitpoints as possible (pretty stupid, considering that I had like 8000 when you were almost dead). I watched the replay from the vault, and you had 46 hitpoints right before my last rhino died frusty.gif.
#3Testingfreak  Nov 10 2007, 14:03 PM -
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Oh 46? It regenerates so fast...
You turned your ACU around, but my ACU was already out of your ACUs range before. So there was no way to kill my ACU at that time (afaik).
#4Rocky_BalBoa  Nov 22 2007, 18:22 PM -
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i watched this replay and i fort that it was a good game but that is my opinion.

But when Gnats3 was on t3 and attacking SC-Account commander i just can not believe how close he got to dieing. the SC-Account for back with his T2 units and smashed him. but that thing is that i fort that it was silly when he sent his bombers at his commander when he could of taken some on his T2 units out. then another silly think that Gnats3 did was send his commander at a T2 army with nothing to help him. an proberly could of stayed alive if he did so.
#5Gnats3  Nov 24 2007, 17:39 PM -
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I would have won if I hadn't turned my ACU around sad.gif. Unfortunately, that killed some of my T2 units which meant that I didn't have enough mass, so he got more units than me. I was really hoping that the bombers would kill his ACU while it was still relatively weak, since I couldn't really win any other way at that point. At one point I think I ran at his T2 army because it was over and I wanted to take some of his units with me tongue.gif
#6Rocky_BalBoa  Nov 27 2007, 15:13 PM -
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Hey there.....

i Have done a little review for you on this.


+ Nice starting build order
- Try and not move your commander around as much at start up, he should only move like 2 times at start
- Never send your commander in unguarded
- When under attack use overcharge
- you was really lucky to survive that first attack, Next time back commander up and never let him get that close to death
-,(Tip) Help your T2 factory build T2 units
(Tip) Get engineers/commander on the upgrading factory because you had the mass too
(Tip) When you see a couple of air units coming build AA, If they have transport build ground as well.
(Tip) Try and micro your units around there units you will come out better off
(Tip) Try and harras his engineers early

Nice start but if you could keep the mass up and get his down it would be a better game and you would be a better player

Player score 3/10


+ Nice starting build order with the 1mass 1mex 1 mass then factory
- When scouting take two Hunters with the scout so that you can take out the engineers
+Nice tactic with the transport but you could of kept it in the air a bit longer
- Try and expand alot quicker and get all the outer mex points.
+ Nice getting most engineers on T2 factory
- Could of built bombers out of the air factory
-Left your commander in the corner doing nothing, he could of done something productive
- Was a silly thing to do send your commander in against all of that T2
(Tip) you should of kept going with the commander and got his and yours would of been alive, You had loads of health left

shame that you lost, But if you had expanded alot better you would of won that game for sure.


overall score for that game was 4/10

this was no way near a good game but it was ok and you guys have loads and loads of room to improve the way that you play.
Take all the points into mind and develop on then and you will improve.

Thanks Rock_Balboa
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