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[3220] I can't beat T3 Bots... Help!

#1Akinos  Mar 17 2007, 22:52 PM -
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I think I have a good grasp on the T1 gameplay, but after that, I'm having a hard time. As you will see, I do fine (I think) keeping pace with my opponent at T1. We come to a standstill and both tech to T3, and this is where I lose it. I was making bots of my own, but he still comes marching into my territory and tearing everything up with his bots.

This has happened to me a lot, and it's very frustrating, so I am finally posting here asking for help! What should I have done differently here?
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#2Strages  Mar 18 2007, 17:53 PM -
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Ok, where do I begin. Before I start, I'm NOT saying that you're a noob and you suck, you should kill yourself <--- not me. However, from what I saw of that replay, there is some serious lacking in your understanding of the game.

1) UPGRADE MEXES! You didn't upgrade a single mass extractor the entire game, how do you expect to keep up?

2) Both of you guys constantly threw the same units at each other back and forth. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it's something you want to avoid. Try to find a strategy that gets around your opponents defenses. You could have gotten together a few transports (by building an air base where he couldn't see) with some units and just air lifted them right into his base thi

3) Micromanage your units. You sent all of your units in formation right into death, what you should have done was put them in formation and had them move to an area just out side his t1 pd range and then unleashed them with a simple move order (instead of the formation move, ctrl+move).

4) Air coverage! You could have done a lot to disrupt his economy by building an air factory first or second and building bombers (especially on this map). Getting these bombers behind his lines followed by some interceptors patrolling about his air factory will make sure that any fighters of his own get killed and your bombers are free to run around unopposed (t1 AA is useless).

This isn't meant to be a full-scale review, but I think that you can handle yourself decently, but you have some work to do if you want to get better. Sit down, watch some replays of the top players and try to figure out why they make the choices they make. Secondly, play! The only thing that will really get you better is playing.
#3Akinos  Mar 18 2007, 20:35 PM -
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Thanks for the feedback. I understand I'm not a great player, so thanks for your time. tongue.gif

Woops, totally forgot to upgrade mexes... I was wondering why he was out-producing me.. doh! 0wn3d.gif

Haha, yeah, I guess I get stuck in my "Aurora/Fervors GOGOGO!" thing.. will work on that.

Not sure why I kept sending my guys off in those formations... I guess I hate it when my scouts run out front and eat it, but it makes more sense to send them in formation to just out of range of the PD to let the arty hit...

Yeah my air presence made me sad, before I knew it he had more interceptors than I could deal with. Oh well.

Well, thanks a lot, I was so angry at the T3 bots that I didn't even notice any of this when I watched the replay. I watch all the top replays I can and play whenever I can (between work and the woman thumb.gif ) and have about 80 ranked games under my belt, but I'll keep trying, smile.gif

#4RapierX  Mar 18 2007, 20:38 PM -
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QUOTE(Akinos @ Mar 18 2007, 15:35 PM) *

Haha, yeah, I guess I get stuck in my "Aurora/Fervors GOGOGO!" thing.. will work on that.

I had this problem in my first 50 games or so, you get a feel for when to tech up.
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