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Matiz vs Barbie love you

#1Matiz_pl  Jun 20 2007, 14:15 PM -
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hhehe nice game

well, that wasnt the best game, first 50 min was so-so. but if u wanna see 45 soul rippers attacking base vs 7-8 czars(i dont remember) watch this replay

also i think it may be good thingy for "best actions of supcom" or sth like this:)

#2kosai  Jun 20 2007, 20:13 PM -
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That IS Matiz! numchuks.gif
#3Pulse518  Jun 20 2007, 22:14 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
War of Attrition anyone?

if i counted right there where close to 110 Experimentals in this game.

you coud have fly in with your SR horde and kill his SMD, then nuke him.

instead wasting your resrouces on useless ships, build ASF and SAMs to keep his SR away.
if you woud have scouted you coud have seen that Shielding was inexisting for largeparts of the game, combine that with Superrangeed T3 Aeon Arty and you have a game-ender there.
and the Eco-boom thing.. you probably want to play a few sandbox games where you train the eco-boom part..
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#4badfish  Jun 21 2007, 01:36 AM -
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pulse's post pretty much sums up my thought. barbie had less than half of matiz's econ and spent a bulk of it on t2 ships. barbie had no way of getting those ships anywhere near matiz's base. he also should have made t3 AAs on the water near his main base to fight off SRs. he counted on T2 cruisers too much for that job.

as UEF, barbie's only chance was to mass t3 gunships and take out the enemy's missile defense and then nuke.
#5Sadist  Jun 21 2007, 16:42 PM -
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Why didnt anyone build t3 arty? And I noticed Matiz didnt have intel except a t1 radar for a _very_ long time.

Could have easily built a nuke or t3 arty on one of the remote islands and start bombarding a non-shielded islands.

I know I'm not the one to be talking here, but this was a bit boring/excessive and could have ended a lot sooner.
#6Matiz_pl  Jun 22 2007, 08:28 AM -
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yeah you right but i wanted to kill him with sr biggrin.gif
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