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Good Game here

#1Buzz_Litebeer  Mar 2 2007, 06:24 AM -
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Anyway I am looking for a unit to be in as well.

this is a good little summation of how I like to play, very aggressive. This time I worked my way up to tech 3 a bit late but I also crashed my eco a bit as well. If there is ever any good team play league stuff I would love to join it :-)

Anyway, the game starts out with everyone teching up, I realized the map had fewer mass spots that usual and I decided to take that into account in my build order. Instead of building many factories I built fewer and used them for a specific purpose.

As you can see my teammates were a great help, but mostly at my prodding. White was almost completely new in how he was playing but it was a lot of fun. The top middle and top right were both clan players expecting easy meat... LITTLE DID THEY KNOW!

To think that they nearly turned the game around at one point...

Tell me what you think, and please give me some tips, I am having issues on low resource maps on how to tech up well. Please review, we do not get many reviewed ones and I think this one can qualify!
#2Deltrax  Mar 5 2007, 21:24 PM -
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Reasonably good game!

Okay just a quick review here:
It's weird, I expected the clanmembers to be more attuned to eachother and give eachother more support. But they weren't dominating nor victorious.

Buzz as I spectated you most of the time here's a second indepth review:
What do you thinbk yourself after watching the replay?
smile.gif Good offensive and behind enemy line tactics.
smile.gif Good use of your naval units early on.
smile.gif Nice rushes, really good harrassment!
smile.gif Nice bombing runs, you could have made those bombers more effective if you had a bit of interceptor support.
biggrin.gif Nice ganging up on one with eachother!
dry.gif Reasonably good scouting, I'm missing the t2+ radar tho'.

post-13661-1143531603.gif No anti-air when your ground troops and 'behind enemy line'-base was getting shot.
sad.gif No antiair with your destroyers, essentially costing you 2 destroyers..
sad.gif No antiair with your gunships, costing you almost all of them... if you pulle dback to troublexl's T2 cruiser, you would have saved them.
mad.gif Depending on your allies to get -some- airsupport....
0wn3d.gif WTF.. if firedrake had micro managed his T4 gunship, he would have taken out your whole base! Again not enough anti air.
sleep.gif You also had 4 interceptors idleing while your base was getting shot. Also, you built alot of units, but also lost LOTS to the air 'superiority' of FireDrake. A dozen T1 interceptors to defend thiose bombers and gunships early on or some T3 air superiority fighter would have been more effective than all those gunships.

okay I'll stop the antiair talk.. you've propably understood my point by now.

You need to tech up your massextractors.. you even had 4 T1 and 3 T2 mexes in the endgame. And you were falling behind in economy. even Firedrake, who was fighting on all fronts, had better econ then you did. Use that excess mass to tech up your extractors! I understand you did tremendous amounts of frontline work, GG on that

good solid play, you reacted well to several situations, but with attacks on all fronts, it's _REALLY_ impressive you finished that reaper (T4 gunship). You would have done a great job if you had those interceptors defended your clanmate's base.

Good offensive play, but you totally missed the defence, your base was flattened by the lack of AA.

Good offensive gunships, decent build, but laking in resources and why pull back your commander?
You only lost out in naval defence. An radar would have saved you.

Good solid economy, helped reclaim troublexl's base. and nice Anti air. You lacked in land, which almost got you severly damaged where it not for Buzz' bombers. But other than that good offensive naval attacks

Well you were in the tight spot early on. You pulled back the commander which you could have used offensively for defending your base. Good comeback tho! And that T2 cruiser did alot of good AA and tac missile damage!

Overall Rating 6/10
- This game lacked radars. Good scouting, but lacking radar support.
- A bit of turtling here and there
- If some members on team 1 would have shared energy or mass ( or E&M-producing units), it would have saved the forward base.
- Lacking Naval at team 1, lacking decent AA support on team 2
#3Buzz_Litebeer  Mar 5 2007, 22:58 PM -
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Yea, even after a few days I see the resource mistake. Unfortunately I haven't got the clicks per minute some of the better players do and get to focused on the initial stages of the game.

What I liked about this game is that it showed a bit of overconfidence can get you pretty badly. I think that the WNX team was a bit overconfident about what was going to happen, and it cost them the main island. the game went back and forth pretty heavily, and because of that I never upgraded my MEX.

What seems to happen in games is that I am a bit TOO aggressive in how I play, and that costs me pretty heavily when I start hitting defenses, especially in 3v3 games and 2v2 (not too fond of 1v1 myself).

In fact I had a recent game were at two different points in a 2v3 (I got stock on the 2 team cause our teammate crashed or something) were the enemy commander was down to less than 1000 health and the defenses knocked me back and unable to recover.

this game it worked out because I _DID_ have some anti aircraft defense at the base, i just rely a bit heavily on turrets instead of interceptors.

though my last few games I have put more emphasis on bringing in interceptors instead of bombers.
#4Deltrax  Mar 6 2007, 01:41 AM -
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Yes .. clicks per minute.. This game has also another resource.. player time. If you spend it during offencive battles, getting everything on the other side fast, you generally give much less attention to your base. I do understand.. but if you see a green bar, select a (few) T1 mexes and upgrade them.. you won't take a big hit, it will give you more umpf after to upgrade even more mexes, which you can use.. you know, to build those 12 interceptors.
Still when your base was under attack from that reaper, you could have chosen to do some damage control instead of going offensive with those harbingers right- and lefthandside. [Stop] - to cancel the queue - T2 - 5 AA units on loop, [ctrl-z] - [assist] (assist all plants) could have taken out that reaper ages ago. Okay it was during the late game, so killing his base got your team to win.. but if it was a extended battle, you would have been in the underdog position economy wise. You did alot of groundwork to make your allies life easier, but you should just sometimes -zoom out- to get the big picture. There wasn't much to see, and that would have triggered you to not only scout- but build a t2 radar.
So, for once, don't do as much offensive work, just set a few to patrol, or just hold a point for example, 10 wide formation Aurora's + 1 scout will HOLD a place against tanks coming in 1 by 1 or 2 by two. Then have a fab produce with the move to the hotspot. It will get your units there 1 by one, but if you do it just right behind that hold line of 10 aurora's you'll have a sound army point AND dozens of time to micromanage your base into good shape. I usually just use my units to hold and defend a point untill I can get my engineers to build a point defence wall up. And use all that metal to build as much with as little as possible energy wasted. nothing's worse than E stalling - your mexes won't even produce when you E-stall.

#5Deltrax  Mar 6 2007, 01:55 AM -
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You know, I don't have that micromanagement skill either.. I seem sometimes too focused.. controlling each attacking unit just to do that 1 building more damage.. I know. I learned alot playing TA and TA spring. But I noticed recently when playing 2 horde AI's. Attacking will get your economy less attention. Therefor, always have enough plants, and metal stall a little bit. Ideal would be +0 mass the whole time, but that's impossible. Just learn how to fight with as little as mouseclicks as possible that means hold untill you ave a big army and then scout or have radar coverage, give them the order to attack the scouted targets let them rip - and this is really hard - DONT LOOK... but use that time the enemy is using to fend off your attack to manage your economy. It's hard.. you want to look, you want to see where it went wrong or right, see when to pull back or not. Try it for once... have 2 master engineers assigened to hotkeys and name them how you want to use them.. "Defence T1" "Resources T2" will give you more identifiable groups that you can use for specific purposes;
- less resources > more units helping the resource group
- enough resources (upgrade that T1mex) > more units to defence group
- Also use your commander to build a few fabs
Just a few tips.. Hope you will get to kick my shiny behind with this info someday...
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