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[R] _Source_ vs GoW-Eshez

#1Eshez  Mar 23 2007, 13:38 PM -
Replays: 21 Game:
Someone please tell me why my commander decided to die here.(watched this, guess it took some damage from bombers or something)

I got a draw for this and after a while one of my losses disapeared tongue.gif

wtf is going on?


Is it becoming a must going for air first on this map? ohmy.gif

im posting another one to add to the air supriority discussion, I think the current state is somewhat a bad joke.
T1 land AA should be able to take down T1 air without too much trouble, or least be able to hit once in a while ohmy.gif
I usually go for air as 3rd factory, im starting to think it should come earlier, thoughts?


think what can happen if you add T1 gunships to the party, post-13661-1143531603.gif.
air dominanace should allow you to hurt armies, bases shouldnt be that valnruble to early air units $#^
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#2Hysteria  Mar 23 2007, 14:11 PM -
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Very short game here on winter duel (6:20). Source goes for early air dominance by building two air plants to start with, while esh takes control of the middle of the map.

Air superiority wins and esh finds himself getting bombed. Fortunately a well placed PD had dropped source's commander to about half health, So esh chases him laser blazing for the win. Except he gets a draw because the resulting comm blast kills him.

I watched it a second time and slowed to -9 for the kill and it appears your comm was on 3500hp when the blast hit you esh. It was just over 4000, but just before the wave hit you some bombers landed a few hits as did the arty.

Interesting to see a double air plant start on this map but it does leave you wide open to land assault. The game is too short to allow me to be overly critical thought smile.gif

Neither player did anything wrong so Score's on the doors 4/10

***damn you esh.. editting in another one!***

Another fast match which lasts all of 7:20. This one is your usual Isis start with steady expansion. Esh wins the early air war due to faster air plant and has bombers over his Scaffys base who is clearly in trouble. Scaff had already walked his comm to bottom middle where he meets a quick demise in the form of esh's comm a group of units and a PD. Had he retreated and attempted to turtle he may have lasted alot longer as he had just got T2 mobile AA up which is actually useful against air.

Moral of the story.. if your not playing as Cybran dont lose the air war!

Once again neither player did anything wrong so Score's on the doors 4/10(again)
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