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[3223] COW_Scaffy vs Matiz

#1Brainiac  Apr 30 2007, 08:33 AM -
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Very long game on Arctic refuge here, even nukes are used!


Review by AncientSion


IPB Image Matiz_pl
IPB Image CoW_Scaffy

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RETAIL v 3223

IPB Image Matiz_pl

+ 4:30 Friggin good micro, killing the hostile aurora with two of your hunters.
+ 7:15 Sending your commander to help you claim the right expansion was a risky strategy but good anyway.
+ 10.15 Nice manual reclaim job.
+ 11.15 Nice mantis assistance while setting up a vital PD.
+ 12:30 While it was obvious, the few Vipers were essential to do in between T2-T3 teching. All in all they got 100 kills.
+ While it was rather useless in this game, setting up a lot of T1 pds is a good idea in general, to defend from SAB harassment.
+ Doing SCUs was a good idea considering everyone usually only thinks about T3 bots.
+ Cybran SCUs are not very good at combat, so you basicly wasted a lot of time and ressources upgrading 2 of them with repair upgrades. The upgrade is usually good, but in this case you better get more SCUs because having more firepower is better than being able to repair. Plus the repair conflicts with the mininuke.
+ Very good you didnt gave up, even after 2 nukes got your base.
+ Good reaction when he nuked your right expansion, sending SABs away.
+ Very good comeback, massivly investing into your eco.
+ Excellent job setting up several layers of PD when his Harbingers approached.

- I think your first engineer is better ordered to expand and build some MEX instead of reclaiming trees.
- 4:45 sending the hunters to the upper expansion without intel support was not good.
- 8:15 Still, no intel on the upper part of the map. DUDE...
- 10:00 Your lack of intel allowed the enemy to partly isolate your main from two sides. your main base.
- 13:00 You send your commander to an advanced position, without proper escort.
- 14:45 You made a critical mistake here. Instead of giving separate orders to your 5 Vipers, it seems you ordered them to move as a lot with the Mantis. You should always move them manually to a backwards position. The five of them would have killed a lot more that way. 1 Missile = 1 Aurora less. Fortunally you realized that and pulled them back at 15:45. Then again, a minute later you messed that up again.
- 24:20 Nice. This is the first time you actually scout your enemies base, 24 minutes into the game.
- 28:30 lol. Nice try, "circling" your SCU. However, circling means running in circles, not ordering them to patrol on a straight line. Next time, set up waypoints that look like a small triangle, that will work.
- 37:30 You forget about your dragonfly in the middle. Nice idea, bad execution wink.gif
- Im not gonna comment on that nuke silo anymore.
- You should have manually aimed your Scathis. It was a waste most of the time because it either fired walls, Harbingers or the Colossus.
- Obviously Colossus > Monkeylord. You had a lot advantage timewise, but his HP were still too much for you.

IPB Image CoW_Scaffy

+ Setting up the 2 forward factories with your commi was good.
+ 08:00 Nice trying to flank the enemies main base with the stuff you got out of your forward factories.
+ Very nice to try to flank the enemies base now from an different angle.
+ 19:30 Very nice hard raiding his MEXs with your harbingers.
+ Not sure if the colossus was better than an equivalent amount of SCUs, but it worked out i guess.
+ Doing a full push was the right decision. Sending only your GC would have net you nothing, but by sending your SCUs (who were a big part of your eco, income and buildingpower-wise) you got the momentum.

- 5:00 You only had a single scout. This is BAD, especially considering you ran your commi to the expansion without knowing what to expect.
- 15:00 74 Auroras, 46 Flares and 4 SCOUTS ? WTF. This is bad.
- 16:30 You have exactly ONE scout in your main base. Your entire army near your enemies base is without radar coverage. THIS IS MADNESS !!!! Honestly, a very, VERY serious error.
- Instead of Rushing to T3 to get Harbingers, you should at least have build a single T2 or T3 engineer is between, if only to unlock more advanced eco-buildings.
- 22:45 Instead of running your 4 Harbingers through his base, you should have blown up his lines of MassFabs.
- 26:30 You began wasting mass.
- In general, a nuke is stupid on this map. 9 out of 10 players will notice it and counter it easily, especially on a map this small. This is my opinion !
- Instead of making more nukes, you should have scouted his base to see if you can change to harbingers and finish him.
- At 57:00 you had +300 mass overflow. Not a major problem, but i often see games like this being lost or won because the eco is not fully utilized.


Mad game with loads of SCUs and Experimentals.
Note that i focused mainly on Matiz`s few, therefor more pros and cons for him.

Major lack of scouting on both sides made this an amusing watch. I have no clue how both are able to maintain their level of play, considering the utter lack of intelligence on both sides.
Early game is interesting, mid is boring, endgame is interesting again, at least once the nukes are launched and the real fun began.
Matiz was very good at getting a major comeback.
Even though there are some serious issues, the game has been promoted to Silver because its a good watch nontheless.

RATED AS: 6.4/10, rounded down.

#2Matiz_pl  May 1 2007, 07:40 AM -
Replays: 18 Game:
biggrin.gif ROTW!!!! biggrin.gif
gimme medal tongue.gif
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#3Diploid  May 1 2007, 14:28 PM -
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Congratulations, mate. thumb.gif
#4Matiz_pl  May 1 2007, 15:27 PM -
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#5Diploid  May 1 2007, 15:33 PM -
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tongue.gif Patience, friend.
#6Matiz_pl  May 1 2007, 17:49 PM -
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ok ok biggrin.gif
#7Tactical  May 1 2007, 23:02 PM -
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Does any1 else agree that Scaffy's micro during the early and half way part of the game, especially with his harbringers, was very poor?

I Mean alot of the time he just ran them at the enemy, and others, he ran them at them, started winning, then backed off when half his loyalists were half dead. He could have at least just pulled back the ones that had the least health.

Anyway, not saying i could do better, obviously a good player, just thought i'd add that. smile.gif
#8CoW.Scaffy  May 4 2007, 07:19 AM -
Replays: 4 Game:
QUOTE(Tactical @ May 2 2007, 01:02 AM) *

Does any1 else agree that Scaffy's micro during the early and half way part of the game, especially with his harbringers, was very poor?

I Mean alot of the time he just ran them at the enemy, and others, he ran them at them, started winning, then backed off when half his loyalists were half dead. He could have at least just pulled back the ones that had the least health.

Anyway, not saying i could do better, obviously a good player, just thought i'd add that. smile.gif

i reclaim dead harbringers & loyalists with my harbies, with a higher priority than winning a fight ... sounds odd right?
i dont have statistics of it, but it feels more effective than all out combat.

btw don't i get medals? its not my first rotw ohmy.gif
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#9vilm  May 4 2007, 09:43 AM -
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i still can t get them to reclaim.

ive heard you got to give them a reclaim command first, and then a patrol, but for me it doesnt work..

i think i also tried turning their combat aquiring off.

Or must i give them a reclaim ground command, followed by a patrol? haven't tried that jet
#10Draxe  May 8 2007, 07:56 AM -
Replays: 0
Just a few questions,

I'd like to note that I haven't played any online games, my connection isn't fast enough, but from playing lots of skirmishes 1v1 Balanced AI, I'm wondering why no PDs were built at all.

2ndly as everyone has noted, the lack of intel was pretty bad.

Matiz, you could've really used some walls not only for maybe some low tech damage prevention, but just to stop them from running actually INTO your base killing the engineers. PDs + Flak + Walls = much cheaper in the long run than lots and lots of units, plus the units you build always have somewhere to fall back to.

Neither one of you seem to have realized the benefits of placing energy/mass generators next to buildings. Especially when I saw COW building Tech 3 power plants, then a Tech 3 Mass Generator apart from it, if put togethar you lower it SIGNIFICANTLY so you don't have to build more power. so for future note, when you reach the Tech 3, it's pretty much a license to print mass/energy notes smile.gif build a tesselation like so

| Mass 1 | Energy
| Energy | Mass 3 | Tech 2 Energy
Tech 2 Energy | Mass 2 | Energy |
| Energy | Mass 4 |

This puts 3 Energy around masses 3 and 2, reducing them to i believe 400energy usage, and 2 next to Mass 1 and mass 4

building them next to the mass generators doesn't reduce the +energy produced my the energy plants, but it reduces the -energy taken by the mass generators.

eventually you'll have about 10K+ energy and you can just build mass wherever you like the way you've done in the video, but i'm noticing you're both at -mass most of the time, especially matiz at -100, it's best to be as close to +-0 as possible, for me i prefer +1, but going above that is fine by me that just means i can pump out more engineers, or build more factories to bring that down.

lastly, if either one of u had popped an air factory and built as much as 3 bombers before the 20min mark you could've seriously crippled the other teams energy production before they could defend themselves. in 20min you could've made like 20bombers w/o aid to the factory and pretty much demolished the other team.

If all this is totally wrong, and im just a singleplayer noobie lemme know smile.gif

Hopefully I'll play online someday smile.gif PEACE!
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