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Supreme Commander

good 2v2 custom game

#1Apollosyx  Jun 7 2007, 09:28 AM -
This was a fun match to play and pretty close a few times as well. Anyone mind giving it a review for me?

first replay of new patch /flex
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#2FunkOff  Jun 7 2007, 13:58 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
I think I can give it a fast review...
#3ArchAngel  Jun 7 2007, 20:33 PM -
Thanks for the review but a few ?'s and comments.

How is having 5 pgens having way too many at the 3 min mark?
I made 4 mfabs at the corners of the hydro with a pgen double assisting each. That is positive energy for mass. I didn't pause them in time though when I was upgrading the mex and had low power for some seconds, my bad.
I had T2 at 5 mins not 7mins.

My base was secure
my economy was soring
my enemies were dying

Mid game they were out maneuvered in the middle by us even though we were outgunned, the result... a dead acu. I had a mixed army of SABs and T2 units, only the sabs survived the penetrating maneuver to kill their acu.

Apollo scouted that blue was making a Fatboy. I started a soulRipper and poured everything I had into it and I finished it and traveled across the screen to win the game before the fatboy was done. Renegades attacked same time from different direction as all interceptor fire was focused on the soul ripper.

Soul ripper plus mass renegades did the assasination against 100+ interceptors and a personal shielded ACU under a ground shield.
#4Apollosyx  Jun 7 2007, 23:38 PM -
-32:00 let's see... he's got tons of SABS and T2 PDs... and absolutely no AA... OMG!! LET'S CONTINUE TO ATTACK HIM VIA GROUND!!
=35:00 soul ripper + renegades... good idea... except he has 100 fighters

huh? he went from absolutely no aa, to have having 100 fighters in 3 minutes?
#5Rapajez  Jun 7 2007, 23:43 PM -
So in short, "I don't know you so here's a bunch of insults and useless information".
#6FunkOff  Jun 7 2007, 23:45 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
There's only 1 ? in all of that.

It was your ally who was floating energy, he had +70 floating which is stupid that early on.

And I don't care if the 4 fabs + hydro + 2 pgens is a total net of about 0 energy, the fact is you were way behind in your energy economy and you didn't turn the fabs off. Your bad. End of story.

As far as your base being secure, you only defended one side of it... and... you had 18 cerebus in 2 3x3 squares... and the most he EVER attacked you with was a small batch of T1 units. That's a HUGE waste. You only put PDs where you know you'll be attacked and you only put them in the quantity that will be useful. 2 PDs would have stopped every attack he launched at you, you had 18. WAY wasteful, hence the bad score.

Also, you NEVER attacked his base before the soul rippers... at least not in a way that is useful. Suiciding a handful of mixed units against a ton of triads is pointless. He was vulnerable to air the WHOLE time and you never attacked him until you had an experimental... you could have fucked his economy the second you had 2 gunships... 2 renegades + 10 seconds = 80% of his economy gone.

Also, speaking of economy, I predicted about a third of the way through that you would use an economic method to win, including the use of experimentals. I foresaw this quite easily because you were turtling... you enemies were awful, but you were just as bad. Your troop management was terrible, your strategy was off, you were constantly vulnerable to even the most basic of attacks. You only won because your opponents were absolutely terrible. Any top-20 player team would easily beat you guys in less than 15 minutes and it probably wouldn't even take 10. This was low-level play and I graded it as such.

You won, but you still played poorly. Any top-tier team would have skinned these nubs in a quarter of the time it took you.
#7FunkOff  Jun 7 2007, 23:48 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
AA =/= fighters

you can draw fighters away and kill them hella-easily... you can even kill them with fighters. You can't kill AA with fighters.

The fact of the matter is your method of attack was completely pathetic. The soul ripper was the first good idea all mid-game... and... you still sent it in with 0 fighter support even though you saw how many fighters he had (about 134). It was, again, very bad decision making on your part.

#8Rapajez  Jun 8 2007, 18:40 PM -
Even if you are correct in your statements, you need to learn how to review replays without insulting the people submitting them.

Notice at no point did Apollo or ArchAngel call you stupid or insult you in any way. Notice at no point did anyone ask how they would do against a "top-20 player team". The point of GR.org is to help other gamers out, not insult them. Someone in your position should know that.
#9FunkOff  Jun 8 2007, 20:53 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
As a RR, it's my job to assess the over-all quality of the play in the replay and you give ways which the players can improve their performance.

The quality of play in this replay was very low. You can't blame me for expressing this, it's what I'm supposed to do.

Also, suggestions for improvement can come from "do"s and "do not"s. Most of mine are "do not"s because in sup com you can do so many different things no one thing is necessarily correct. However, I often don't give too much specific advice because the best strategies are new, but rather I give guiding assessments of performance.

If you want more specific suggestions on how to improve instead of simply arguing with me and trying to say the play in this replay was high quality, you can do that.
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