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1800+ Tourney round 1

#1Apollosyx  Jun 17 2007, 22:41 PM -
Funkoff think you can give this a look and see what I should have done? I know how much you love turtle games. I gave up at like 45 min or so cuz we were way over time limit but he refused to draw because of his rank, so he made us both miss rounds 2 and 3 =/.

Just didn't see what I could have done really, assisted shields > fucking everything.
#2DreamcastJunkie  Jun 17 2007, 22:58 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
If you had a put a T2 stationary artillery on that hilltop where your shields were, couldn't it have hit almost all of his mass fabs? It seems like a few of those might have served you better than the T3 mobiles, which seemed to spend most of their time blasting hillsides up to where I saw.
#3Apollosyx  Jun 17 2007, 23:22 PM -
problem is though t2 arty takes a fuckload of resources to build just to take out a few massfabs..they couldnt have broken his main shield because of all the engineers assisting it.
#4Pulse518  Jun 18 2007, 01:00 AM -
Replays: 3 Game:
TML woud have done the job.
sure he had a buzzkill up and a Assisted shield, but 6 TML will solve that problem fast.
trick is to build the TML in a way that the missiles dont arrive clustered up, build a line or spread them a bit out, 6 Tacs aimed at his shield, will overcome the Buzzkill, kill the shield and then kill the generator.
second barage is free to hit the ACU or start to pick off his Defenses.

8 woud have been enough to go straigh for the ACU and ignoring anything else.
#5Kormi  Jun 18 2007, 20:56 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
You say T2 arty is too expensive to build, yet you were pumping useless T1 units instead of building it (I understand why, but it apparently did not help much, they got slaughtered and he even reclaimed them). If you did immediately, his T3 factory was still not shielded, same as the T1, which he used to produce engies. The moment you saw him turtle there, you should have used the resources to tech up and use that advantage. Your economy was twice his, you should have won that one...
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