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Matiz_pl vs Peppelitto

#11Matiz_pl  Jun 1 2007, 15:24 PM -
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thx a lot biggrin.gif
#12Apollosyx  Jun 2 2007, 03:14 AM -
ok gonna do it now, sorry for the wait.

edit: long ass game ffs lol..inc shortly
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#13dj_relentless  Jun 2 2007, 03:25 AM -
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Entertainment wise it was a great game to watch. I was kinda hoping you'd march that first monkeylord straight through the middle and take him by suprise. Must of got very intense once the nukes started flying.
#14SovietSoup  Jun 2 2007, 15:17 PM -
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I couldn't believe how long you let him own the skies. If you fake an attack you can draw air units into you SAM zones to slice down their numbers, instead you made ASF and then left half of them get shot down by his SAM's. Real bummer. If you had of started to Spam T1 interceptors earlier, perhaps you would not have needed to keep the mokeylords held back. Also, whats wrong with 10-20 T2 mobile flak guns to help out against a gunship defense?

Not saying I could do better, but the game would not have been too difficult otherwise...
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