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[3217] Ftang vs Cauldr0n, Winter Duel

#1Brainiac  Feb 25 2007, 16:18 PM -
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Exciting game on this new and interesting map; Tac missles FTW!

Link to original topic!


Review by Necrosjef:

Nice game here between 2 top 10 players. Awesome micro and good ACU usage. Must see smile.gif

Cauldron starts off well and looks to have ftangs number but ftang defends well with the commander PDs and a handful of T1 units vs the mantis's that are coming. Cauldron isn't able to capitalise on his attack and doesn't send reinforcements, instead decides to buy some T2 PDs on the hill in the centre and a tac missle launcher. Ftang notices he has a tac missile launcher and starts making a defence but moves his commander just in time as a missile is about to blow him up. Soon after this ftang makes an oblivion cannon his hill and proceeds to shoot back at cauldrons T2 PDs, by this time cauldron is working on his 1st T2 artillary. Ftang manages to distract cauldrons T2 PDs with units long enough to make an obsidian cannon a bit closer and uses this to destroy cauldrons artillary and some of his T2 PDs.

At this point Ftang has the bigger eco and it becomes pretty obvious cauldron is in some distress. Still making mantis but with no clear purpose for them he begins upgrading his land factory to t3, at the point cauldron begins upgrading ftangs t3 factory is about done and he begins making a t3 artillary. Once his T3 artillary starts shooting cauldron and one hits his own T3 artillary while its building cauldron is forced to attack, sending his commander in too to help the assualt it gets hit by 1 too many oblivion cannon shots and dies.


+ Good defense vs mantis at the start
+ Good use of T2 Tanks and T2 PDs
+ Good economy
+ Good use of artillary
- Could have used a couple more T1 PDs at your base at the start

Pretty Flawless play here, not much to say in the way of bad points.


+ Good mantis attack at the start
+ Nice use of tac missile bit unlucky not to get him
+ Good placement of 1st T2 PD
- Didn't follow up on your mantis attack at the start
- Eco was a bit lacking, would have done you good to take 2 minutes out and upgrade eco a bit.
- Placement of two ot yout T2 PDs was a bit suspect they kept shooting the ground.
- Bad placement of artillary, should have been back a bit so it didnt die to PDs.

Good starting game but seemed kinda confused as to what to do when he started shooting back at you, still good micro and a bit unlucky with the tac missile


Overall 7/10

#2vilm  Feb 28 2007, 13:03 PM -
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dloaded 1300 times? ohmy.gif
#3AngryZealot  Feb 28 2007, 15:21 PM -
Replays: 10 Game:

SupCom is owning this week.
#4FunkOff  Feb 28 2007, 21:15 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
I like that to see a cybran player in the top 20... but cybran is still veyr weak to aeon...
#5CheeKy`  Mar 3 2007, 17:37 PM -
Number of downloads: 2230 holy shit lol
#6Brainiac  Mar 3 2007, 18:13 PM -
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^^ Indeed ^^

In 6 days too bowdown.gif
#7Diploid  Mar 4 2007, 07:42 AM -
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QUOTE(Brainiac @ Mar 3 2007, 07:13 PM) *

^^ Indeed ^^
In 6 days too bowdown.gif

That's 370 downloads/day. drol.gif
#8cowlovin  Mar 4 2007, 16:50 PM -
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i dled and watched, learned alot from it, ul cauldr0n wasted his acu at end: (
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