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Supreme Commander


#1petraque  Jul 8 2007, 18:05 PM -
Replays: 13
supcom suck so hard
#2AncientSion  Jul 8 2007, 19:13 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
I think its your scouting that sucks so hard tongue.gif
#3Sir_Loui  Jul 8 2007, 22:09 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
we all suck hard
#4ntropy  Jul 9 2007, 01:53 AM -
Replays: 11 Game:
very nice game though, alot of forth and back.
#5LordElrond  Jul 9 2007, 04:26 AM -
Replays: 0
Aww petraque...cmon man its after a long time that Loui kicked your butt. You always used to win against him. you lost once n your sayin SUPCOM sucks? Now that sux. laugh.gif I always download your plays n watch the whole of it. You guys play insane. Anyway petraque, Your offense is almost unequaled on land. But you should not have ignored navy on a map like 'Flinn's revenge'. biggrin.gif
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