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Supreme Commander

Petraque vs. Sir_Loui

#11Zanthra  Jun 22 2007, 11:43 AM -
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It got my wub. I'm not one to give wubs out lightly, as this is the first. I would support this one being gold, but that's not my choice, but I did get to wub it.

It's replays like this that really give you the "supreme" feeling of supreme commander.
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#12yaet  Jun 22 2007, 13:02 PM -
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great game.. gold imo tongue.gif
#13Apollosyx  Jun 22 2007, 16:27 PM -
Vote is up for gold, stay tuned.
#14prepare  Jun 22 2007, 16:28 PM -

haha Loui got schooled so bad in this replay.

yeah its gold material in my opinion. Petraque played it beatiful

even though loui played pretty stupid in some respects: not sending the ACU to take out the 2nd base, or building T2 gens in front of the factories WTF.gif and not being able to learn that there might come another drop when you know he still has 5 T2 transports. Not to mention one got the impression that he built those fabricator lines just for the eye candy of the exlosions.
#15eth3n  Jun 22 2007, 22:55 PM -
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golden uef victory n1qshok.gif

I am so glad I installed SC at work so I can watch these >:D
#16Apollosyx  Jun 23 2007, 06:07 AM -
promoted to RoTW, congrats guys.
#17Rood Murning  Jun 23 2007, 16:22 PM -
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It's good and shocking!

If with enough millitary knowledge, one could write a battle report about this and it will truely worth a lot!
#18AncientSion  Jun 23 2007, 18:20 PM -
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I am so glad I installed SC at work so I can watch these >:D

I adore you, easy as that biggrin.gif
#19OceanicDrought  Jun 23 2007, 19:41 PM -
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Could you make a VOD (normal speed!) for non-supcomers and upload it at youtube? Want to see the drops etc. :] You can skip some early game or something.
#20Genok2004  Jun 23 2007, 22:51 PM -
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The best game from those that I saw, excellent strategy and micro. Only Gold status. Just 1 minus - just 3 general ground assault unit types used by winner - t1,t2 tanks and t3 bots, very big losses from vipers and t2 PD, probably if there were some t1,t3 arty and t2 RL in atacking forces - defense would be cracked much faster. Only Gold sleep.gif
(Sorry for my bad English) happy.gif
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