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v3251 NOVA-BLAZE vs Dark_Cloud (ranked)

#1SuperiorX  May 31 2007, 08:03 AM -
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This is so fkd up the Aeon sacrifice ability needs to go, he only had 4 mexs and they were t1 and he upgraded his acu so well.

the problem is cybran or uef dont have any way to counter it.

Im so pissed of... mellow.gif
#2Apollosyx  May 31 2007, 08:51 AM -
The plus side of this whole exploit fiasco is that its finally showing people that the aeon even have that ability, its been disregarded and ignored for so long. Its not that it is OP its just that no one is used to seeing it or having to deal with it.

Your counter is, in a nutshell, information. The lack of units, then transport he built etc should clue you off. He basically gave up everything to get that done and it worked but had you prodded him more it might not have. A scout could have let you see that those tanks out front were all he had, and you couldve ran a big mass of mantis past them to take out his engineers. Some bombers covered by int's could have also ended his plan. And if you know you cannot stop the upgrade, brace yourself for it...spam PD's and mobile missile launchers and bombers.

#3SuperiorX  May 31 2007, 09:05 AM -
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good advice thats what i need thanks and ill try not to let that happen again its still a very piss of kinda thing...
#4Graushwein  May 31 2007, 12:25 PM -
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Was there an exploit used here or was it just the sacrifice ability that allowed him to upgrade his ACU so fast?

I watched the replay this morning and found on the GPG forums there is an exploit with upgrading units and using the sacrafice ability. I'm not sure if it was used here but someone should check.

The sacrifice will cause an upgrade to be free if done with some combination I'm not mentioning.

If it is an exploit then I'd report it and ask for my rank to be fixed. And he'd possibly be banned.
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#5Apollosyx  May 31 2007, 21:27 PM -
This guy didnt exploit no, he used sacrifice the way it is supposed to be used.
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