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[R] SuperiorX vs Aquan v3251

#1SuperiorX  May 22 2007, 07:20 AM -
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the two games are decant i need advice to improve t2 rocks t1 world to kingdoms come and is preaty darn good, getting t3 first doesnt mean s**t any more as a good horde of t2 will pwn the few t3 bots that are out doin their work.

advice and tips hints pointers would highly appreaciated supX out. thumb.gif

the bigger file game is bit better as it was longer.

both of the games a training matches.
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#2Apollosyx  May 23 2007, 21:41 PM -
SuperiorX (Cybran)
Aquan (Aeon)
Open Palms

Summary: A pretty back and forth game from the start with lots of fighting on both sides of the map. Aquan manages to get ahead by continually sneaking around SuperiorX's units and harassing his back mexs. SuperiorX mostly skips past tier 2 rushing right to tier 3, only to have his loyalists met with huge amounts of tier 2 units which turn his bots to scrap and eventually push into his base for the victory once his own Harbringers hit the field.

+Good use of comm range, kept your queue within range and kept him from moving during your intial BO and saved time.
+Good aggressive comm use taking out his south base. Although keeping the comm down there so long alone might not have been the best thing to do.

-Stalled on power early on, would be best to have 6 pgens up before the second factory to help even it out.
-Had hordes of idle engineers.
-Wasted a ton of mass, would have been better spent building defenses or upgrading several of your factories to t2.
-The 2 PD's you built below your base to the west would have served better if you had put it along the edge of the map to prevent them from flanking around it, and using the units from the factories as its protection. Could have also used a PD or 2 along the NE wall as well to keep them from going around your units.
-Didn't continue scouting your enemies base very much after the first few scouts.
-With this latest patch spamming t3 bots is nowhere near as effective as t2 spam now. T2 comes cheaper and faster and unless there are a huge amount of bots will destroy them without to much loss.
-Put your interceptors on patrol without building a refueling pad, this let a very few of his take out a lot of yours because they were empty on fuel.

Overall: I think your reluctance to use t2 was your main drawback this game.T3 bots aren't the judge, jury, and executioner that they used to be...you should use them now as more of a support role for your t2 army rather than using them as an army themselves. Also try to keep your engineers busy building/upgrading/assisting something.


+Good early BO and expansion.
+Harrassed his flanks very well throughout most of the game.
+Nice use of tier 2 spam, supported by harbringers at the end.

=Fairly well managed eco other than a few big stalls.
-Lots of idle engineers.
-Upgraded 2 mex to t2 at once and didnt assist either of them. With all the idle engineers sending half of them to sacrifice would probably finished either of them right away.
-Not much scouting, a scout over his base every minute or 2 can be invaluable.
-Left your comm sitting around your base not really doing anything for quite a while towards the end.

Overall: Utilized early harassment and flanking well and then pushed with a sizeable t2 army, which when backed with your own t3 bots pushed into his base and won you the game. A bit more intel gathering could not hurt as well as trying to keep your comm/engineers busy and not sitting around doing nothing so often.

Rating: 5/10
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#3Graushwein  May 24 2007, 03:14 AM -
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Wow, even though there were some eco problems I'd say that was a very entertaining game to watch!
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