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[3217] TNT vs PeterFucnPan

#1TNT  Feb 25 2007, 21:34 PM -
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This was a fun, quick game. He sent his comm up which basically disabled my T1 units from pushing him back (god damn comm abuse). I managed to quickly upgrade my mex to t2/t3 and was able to shrug off map control to push my advantage. I hit T3 very quickly and he couldnt hold my 6 factories spamming 2 x Strykers + 1 x Lobo, my 2 spamming missile launchers, and my one engineer-assisted assault bot factory. I really wanted to spam T1 bombers at an early point (because I knew he wouln't be ready and I would be able to bomb his base because his comm was forward) but with my base under attack I didn't have enough room.

Overall a fun, quick game, that was evenly matched for the first 10 minutes or so. Please review (won't take long!).
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