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Mercey unit FAR too good!

#1Suicidal_SyD  Aug 2 2007, 11:48 AM -
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I am no noob and my build order proves it. Just watch how easy it is to use these things. With the right build order and believe me I could have switched to land or sea in a flash. But ask yourselves what are they going to throw at me? Air? watch my ceptor spam. Sea, So what I have cruise missiles that can blow their ships to poop! (+ 3 tech 2 arties already in my base) I could have switched to naval easily and spammed subs, torp defences carried on building an uber tech 3 econ. But why bother when you can do this in any game? No one can stop these things because i have total kill at will abilities and when i assist with tech 3 engies it gets even worse!
I am sorry but they are poorly designed, incredibly powerful, far too agile. and far too hard to counter. Thus the pure unadulterated shining example of IMBA.
Oh yea you could say that supreme AI is not a real person etc etc but when you see 2 coms dead in 9 minutes on isis and four coms dead in 12 on seton's it is nuff said.
Personally i cannot see how they can be fixed. I think that they are just so broken that I cannot see where to start? post-13661-1143531603.gif
#2-Vorago-  Aug 2 2007, 11:58 AM -
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the mercy is not overpowered i think, i didnt see your replay, but i have used it myself alot, and its very easy to counter.

You can build a shield, and some t2 aa and they will never come through
or you can have alot of ints flying around so they wont get far
but the best thing is just a flak, thats it, 1 flak can easily stop a mercy, if you want to be protected against multiple mercy's, then build some more. But with its poor life, its easily defeated.
The AI ofcourse isnt very smart, so they cant counter it, but try using it vs some REAL people.
#3badfish  Aug 2 2007, 20:34 PM -
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i'd hate to discourage ppl from posting any kind of replays, but 3v3 w/ 5 AIs is soooo not my cup of tea.

as for mercies being OPed, the biggest complaint of mine is that they kill T4 units too easily. mercies needs a lower cap on single unit damage and a slower speed.
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#4Suicidal_SyD  Aug 3 2007, 05:31 AM -
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mercies one shot kill tech 2 power gens. while you are building your first tech 2 gen he is making his first mercy. thus you will never get you tech 2 power up because he can spam them at that point. On very large maps they are less of a problem but bear in mind that if you get to the stage of a naval attack your navy will never last long because they can be attacked from every conceivable angle with 3000 damage per hit flying super fast missiles.
I am 100% sure that they will get redesigned because they are blatantly broken. I can post many multiplayer games where we have splattered people in under 15 minutes with 2v2 3v3 4v4 etc. 1v1 is a more careful build to mercies. but the fact is that to try to counter mercies you have to spend far more in mass and radar and shields and power gens than the mercy costs. any naval map means that your navy is useless and my cheap missile spam will devastate your production capabilities.
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