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Supreme Commander

Need tips!

#1Davidoffo  Feb 18 2008, 14:55 PM -
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My friend and i always play online together but we need tips! plz watch it and give tips smile.gif (im cybran and my friend is the aeon)
#2sandro_necromancer  Mar 16 2008, 06:44 AM -
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You were generally better than your friend, but I believe it is because he was on defensive duty.

First off, your greatest flaw was poor AA defense. Of course it was fine against bombers, since these are pretty fragile, but a decent drop-off operation south of your base could easily take you off through your tier 1 interceptor cloud and hurt your base badly, thanks to your horrible positioning of tier 3 power generators (you could destroy them all with one gone, plus a good chunk of your base). You were the only one with this opening. If any of the enemies had build an Tech 3 arty (unless it was overruled) it could also take you both easily, for lack of decent shielding (but then again, the same can be said about them). Mostly you were lucky your enemy dismissed any sort of intel gathering with scouts. You did fine in that area though.

The main assault was pretty lacking. Lets say the enemies hadn't, as they did, inexplicably kamikazed the artillery barrage they had set up. A healthy salvo of artillery can do wonders against the monkeylord when it is walking among troops (or within omni range). You could have sent a better bombing run to soften it a bit (strategic bombers mixed between cheap tier 1 bombers in triple their size, with a cloud of tier 1 interceptor. It makes the anti-air busy enough in a coordinated attack for the strategic bombers to put in a bit more hurt, the bombing run could have waited the soul reapers to take off the shields before bombing, for better effect). Also, it was sloppy, the monkeylord should be just behind the siege assault bots, neither it should have fallen back in mid assault, it only took more unnecessary damage without use. If it is leading an army, it should be softening up heavy PD on the go, preferably from behind siege bots (or tier 2 tanks) shielding (since you had committed with the micro of telling it to retreat... I usually tell the army to carry on the attack without the monkeylord and send the monkeylord with a separate order, when at the bay of the enemies defenses. The monkeylord is slower and will get just behind the siege bots, if done right). Since you had an aeon ally, you could ask for a few mobile shield generators, these could soak up artillery (if they had stayed) and still soak up a lot of PD fire for your experimental.

EDIT: Oh, just for the record, your defenses should also have an artillery range.
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