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Anaryl vs -Kira-

#1Anaryl  Aug 3 2008, 03:37 AM -
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Hello comrades and etc.

Lately I have begun a quest to reach the upper echelons of the vanilla ladder and as part of that effort I would like to submit my efforts to your inscrutable scrutiny.

This game was versus Kira, one my arch-nemesis and probably one of the most talented vanilla players about today.

Personally I found this replay of value as it included all arms of our military competing across the whole map and there is a lot of countering going on. Whilst I possessed an economic advantage, Kira maintained the initiative for most of the game.
#2Shinzok  Dec 20 2008, 15:59 PM -
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Was defenately a really good game.... thum.gif

Good use of transports also... Although in the end it was mostly AIR vs. EXP.

I really liked the replay... thumb.gif
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