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[3220] Unconquerable vs AngryZealot

#1AngryZealot  Mar 11 2007, 22:35 PM -
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Here's an intense Winter's Duel match with some unconventional unit choices. Both players come very close to losing at one point or another...watch to find out who wins smile.gif.

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Reviewed by Brainiac:


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Unconquerable vs Angryzealot

Winter's Duel

V 3220 Retail

Game Summary:

Similar start by both players, and the usual commrush and comm dance in middle, but with a twist: AZ uses flares only ! w00t.gif
That and combined with some very nice zig-zag micro, he really gives Conq's tanks some problems.
Conq gets air a bit earlier and starts patrolling 3 interceptors over AZ's base killing his ints as soon as they take off the pad, also he soon gets bombers too to and napalms some flares (and hi own comm once, yay for FF and crazy bomber AI pirate.gif )
Soon both comms get into red health, and decide to retreat. BTW Aeon T1 mobile AA are terrible, they make me cry frusty.gif
T2 stuff starts to appear, and AZ has a slight advantage now with his oblivions, and Conq knowing this, as he goes for 2 T2 PGENs first, then upgrades his comm with the TAC launcher and takes out a T2 MEX with it. AZ gets a TAC launcher himself and hits Conq's comm pretty hard leaving him with 900HP as he hides behind his T2 LandFac (was that second missle meant for the fac or comm?).
Conq gets some shields up and works on a T2 Arty (ironic enough AZ had no anti-TAC)
AZ still using flares while conq gets a Pillar and Lobo combo, and with the lack of T1 PDs, AZ looses the hill and has to retreat.
Will harbs save AZ this time? Well almost, as hes tries to take out Conq's comm and economy, but its to late.

+ Nice work dominating air and simply owning any interceptor that took off AZ's buildpad
+ Didn't bother with Triads too much, got some T2 PGENs instead and boosted economy
- Risky stuff with comm (if AZ had 2 TACs, your comm = 0wn3d.gif )
- The T2 arty didn't do that much, using the mass on getting Titans would have been better


+ Uber flare micro wacko.gif
+ Nice TAC sniping on his T2 MEXs
- T2 flak AA towers ? those chew bombers and ints, could have saved quite some trouble.
- Neglected economy getting T2 PGENs kinda late
- Instead of transporting those Harbs to hit his econ, massing 10 or so and sending them to hit his comm hard might have saved you

Game score: 6.5/10

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#2FunkOff  Mar 12 2007, 00:03 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:
There should be some sort of rule against appointing you own reps RoTW...
#3Necrosjef  Mar 12 2007, 00:05 AM -
Replays: 11 Game:
There is a vote by all staff members to decide the RoTW its not just AZ who decides smile.gif
#4DerPapierTiger  Mar 13 2007, 03:08 AM -
QUOTE(FunkOff @ Mar 11 2007, 19:03 PM) *

There should be some sort of rule against appointing you own reps RoTW...

There are rules against it. It's like Necro said, staff choosed the replay this time around. If AZ decided to just post it without anyone's consent, then Necro would be seriously pissed off. ph34r.gif

As for the replay, it was really good. I never thought flares could be microed so well against more powerful units. Excellent replay!
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#5chosan  Mar 14 2007, 07:14 AM -
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GG, maybe not of the week though thumb.gif
#6ArchAngel  Mar 14 2007, 14:55 PM -
This has been going on for years here at GR. The ones in charge always gets plenty of ROTW/SILVER/GOLD it is no different here in SupCom I see.

I am not suggesting this replay doesn't deserve it but where is the goddamned humility? At least appoint a few members replays before letting one of your own up for awards. It looks better for the site.
#7IpKaiFung  Mar 14 2007, 15:58 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
indeed, although this replay in particular isnt bad I remember Darky and True always getting ROTW for some really abysmal games.
#8Darky  Mar 14 2007, 17:16 PM -

QUOTE(IpKaiFung @ Mar 14 2007, 15:58 PM) *
indeed, although this replay in particular isnt bad I remember Darky and True always getting ROTW for some really abysmal games.

Two things:

1. The ROTW is, and always has been a STAFF VOTE. No one individual decides.

2. Angryzealot just so happened to make the ROTW thread in this forum as he's the SRR (and this is their job wink.gif), if you guys think that means he chose on his own then you don't quite get it...

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#9IpKaiFung  Mar 14 2007, 18:06 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
I know the ROTW has always been voted for, what you fail to realise is that STILL to this day only the staff replays or Mr. Big name replays get nominations or get nominated but the voting staff for the ROTWs wont watch them because it features obscure players. You know this problem still exists with all the games you support and you know what I was on about so dont go off on a tangent with me.
#10Brainiac  Mar 14 2007, 18:55 PM -
Replays: 28 Game:
ALL who vote watch the replays first, I assure you.
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