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Maybe I should change my name to factoryking too

#1wolfman  Jun 17 2007, 21:49 PM -
Replays: 18
How many factories does it take to stop someone from turtling on Isis?

How fast can I hit the unit limit?

I solve these problems by throwing wave after wave of men at them.
#2Apollosyx  Jun 17 2007, 21:57 PM -
#3Apollosyx  Jun 17 2007, 22:33 PM -
wow that was damn great.
#4FunkOff  Jun 17 2007, 23:19 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Nice review apollo, makes me want to watch...
#5FunkOff  Jun 17 2007, 23:32 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Holy crap... I would hate to be a soldier in your army, damn.

Interesting strategy however, you can't deny that. Bombers would have saved him tho.
#6Pulse518  Jun 17 2007, 23:57 PM -
Replays: 3 Game:
Tbh, T1 Bots seem the way to go against Aeon PD. Massed Oblivion just rape T2 Tanks to hard.
#7frsrblch  Jun 18 2007, 00:19 AM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Whoa. I haven't seen a T1 spam like that since the beta
#8wolfman  Jun 18 2007, 00:30 AM -
Replays: 18
This game popped up directly after a similar game vs gnug125 who used a very similar strat except he did PD creep and he dropped in my main base. Luckily, he dropped a little out of range of 4 land factories, and I switched them to lobos and stopped him fairly quickly. That game I built about 8 land factories and did a half ass job of attacking gnug125 and a half ass job of teching up, and gnug seemed like he barely had the units to hold back my first couple attacks.

So this time shortly after I noticed his drop I figured he would turtle and econ spam once the drop was repelled, so I spammed factories just outside his base while fighting his drop. By the time he realized his drop was unsuccessful, I was pumping out too many units for him to handle.

Also, I don't know what the deal was with my econ. I amazingly wasted less than Scandal did though.

The worst thing about mass bots is that half of them will take their sweet time getting moving when you have 100 of them in formation.

And thanks for the speedy review Apollosyx.
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#9Apollosyx  Jun 18 2007, 00:49 AM -
yea ive noticed the move thing too, they break off in lines when you order all of them to move. Only solution is to select chunks at a time and issue move orders seperately to keep them all packed together, although vs aeon pd packed units arent good.
#10wolfman  Jun 18 2007, 00:57 AM -
Replays: 18

That is an awesome screencap Apollosyx. I love how you can see the massive army building up off in the distance.
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