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First post. I lost the resource battle to r0f3ll0s.

#1djj07  May 21 2007, 23:20 PM -
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Hi. I've been watching replays some time and now I decided to post one. This is a match between me and r0f3ll0s. r0f3ll0s starts quite aggressively but I manage hold and even put some pressure towards his base. While I was busy with attacking I didn't focus on building my eco. After r0f3ll0s crushed couple waves of mixed T1-T3 platoons he built the Monkey Lord and that was basically it. This happened somewhere around 30min mark.

I watched this replay and here are some thoughts:

+ I was pushing fairly well in mid-game stage if you take account of the fact that he got T2 and T3 couple minutes before me. Especially for not-so-agile UEF smile.gif

- I didn't focus on building T3 eco (if you don't count mexes)
- I had some extra engies and they just died because I forgot them.
- While attacking his base I had trouble commanding my SABs and T2 PD's gave a rough punishment.
- I realy had trouble in destroying r0f3ll0s's expansion in Southern part of the map.
- My tac missile project was destined to fail.

Any other opinions? I'd especially like to know when I should have started building T2 power plants and T3 eco buildings? If you have some opinions about my SAB attacks I would gladly hear them. Thanks.

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