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#61 vs # 50 NO CYBRAN ! And t2 bombers !

#1AncientSion  Jul 31 2007, 17:11 PM -
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It was a custom game, both of us played random. I havent played aeon for at least 8 weeks, i suppose same goes for him and his UEF.

Lots of mistakes done. However, note the failed finishing move due to luck and my inability to get the proper timing.
#2Sindai  Aug 1 2007, 00:19 AM -
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Why'd it end in the middle of the action?
#3AncientSion  Aug 1 2007, 08:14 AM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Because i was done ? I had 6 Missiles silos but only 4 charged. I fired them all. 2 missiles were shot down, 2 missiles hit him. Each one does 6k dmg, an UEF com has 12k. Unfortunally there was a minor delay between impact, so he was able to regen to 6001 health when the second missile hit him.
So basicly i should have 10 more seconds to fire 6 missiles or i should have constructed the missile silos in a direct row so they have the same impact timing.
After the assasination failed, i was done sad.gif
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