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[3223] Npl vs Zero3200

#1MinimaDeMalis  Apr 15 2007, 20:08 PM -
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Watch that bastard dance in front of my Artillery, he killed huge amounts that way. VeryFunny.gif
But the game ends in a photo-finish with a lonely bomber, be sure to watch his health around 20:30 wink.gif

Whats really interesting and strange for me is that he could keep up that well, without getting overly defensive (no PD spam, no shields) while I pinned him down early. Even his score was constantly higher than mine from beginning till end.

After I made the first attack, wouldve been better to increase the constant T1-Spam, or focus on getting to T2 or T3 while letting him recover? Or even make a forward base or TML?
I did something between, making sure T1 is constantly annoying to him while getting one fab directly to T3. And even then he nearly escaped from my T3 Bots one more time.

MinimaDeMalis = Npl
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#2Phoenix_Fury  Apr 15 2007, 21:11 PM -
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You always want to take the first opportunity to tech up. Continue spamming T1 only if you are getting somewhere offensively, or if need it to survive; but in the later case fortifying with defenses is usually best, from which you should seek to tech up and break out. And in the former case, you know it's time to tech up once your T1 units stop making gains in territory, when things start deadlocking and you're just meatgrinding into each other indefinately. I see a lot of replays where people fail to recognize where that point is, and keep spamming T1 only to be blindsided by a few T3 bots.

Zero uses his commander pretty well throughout the whole match, at one point turning back a force of harbs at his doorstep with repeated overcharges.

That last suicidal charge of his commander never should have happened, but given the circumstances I guess it was all he had left.
At that point an alternative could have been falling back directly into his base, building a T2 PD or two, and making it a priority to take out the enemy's T3 heavy artillery with his T2 missile launchers. And if the enemy attacked with harbs he could assist the T2 PDs with overcharge.
But turning that around into a victory would have been very difficult, as his options were just too limited at this point and his economy too far behind.

NPL made a mistake massing all artillery without tank support early on, having his force wiped out by the enemy commander without the commander taking much damage.

He makes effective use of T1 bombers to harass throughout.

Later he makes good use of mixed units backed up by a T3 artillery piece to start tearing up Zero's base.

Fairly entertaining, with plenty of skill displayed in various areas.
The score isn't higher because Zero was overall not a match for NPL, and only managed to hold on for so long through skillful use of his commander.
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#3MinimaDeMalis  Apr 15 2007, 21:24 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
QUOTE(Phoenix_Fury @ Apr 15 2007, 23:11 PM) *
Fairly entertaining, with plenty of skill displayed in various areas.
The score isn't higher because you were no match for NPL overall, and only managed to hold on for so long through skillful use of your commander.
Thats nice to hear as Me = Npl biggrin.gif . Wouldve been smart if I had explicitely mentioned that, even if you prolly could guess it from my first post. Is that 5/10 rating for the match altogether or just for Zero3200?

I was exactly wondering why I couldnt easily break into his base, but as far as I see it, he used overcharge very well and danced in front of T1 Arti which in turn barely scratched it (in contrast to me who run into his base and figured I could need some Energy for overcharging). Even more, his score (the one in SC) was nearly always above mine, even though I had the upperhand & better economy through the game.

Basically I had constantly spamming T1 to keep him locked in his base and have him spend on defenses instead of eg dropping his units behind my lines with a Transport.
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#4Phoenix_Fury  Apr 15 2007, 21:28 PM -
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5 for the replay, overall.
#5MinimaDeMalis  Apr 15 2007, 21:33 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
getting confused with all these edits wink.gif

Thanks alot for the mini-review.

To whoever rated the thread "1": Care to elaborate or was that just a bold and mean "dissing" ? Wait I dont even wanna know, Im still shaking after imaging a anonymous hiphop-gangsta-jerk rubbing off on his accomplishment.
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