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FunkOn vs Leaf

#1FunkOff  Jul 6 2007, 02:35 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:
There's really no other way to say it: This is the toughest game I have ever played. The entire battle I was short on intel, short on resources, short on troops, short on aircraft, and constantly under attack on at least 4 different fronts. The entire game I felt I was being completely overrun and only through sheer determination did I manage to hang on.

And when I thought I had won on the ground... my opponent takes his fight to the air.... WTF.gif

#2Sir_Loui  Jul 6 2007, 13:33 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
The Setup: A game between the smurfing Funkoff who is a top ten player and respected reviewer and Leaf who is a supcomlive worker and a decent player. However this should be a easy game for funkoff as he has beaten many good players before and is very consistent. My guess is that it would end in about 10 minutes.

Early game: (is up to ten minutes in my review)


+ u make early airscouts and cover most of the map with it.
+ u make early tech 1 gunship after u gained air superiorety to harass... good micro on it.

= u upgraded a mex in ur base to t2 but u could have spended the cash to make another land factory and take control of land and more outbase mexes.

- many of the mexes near ur base is unbuilded and u dont send engineers to them... this is poor.
- u havent so many units up and running and Leaf is hammering u.
- u need to harass more with land units! make hunters ftw.

+ u have a nice mix of auroras and flares which hammers Funkoff really hard.. gj clanm8 smile.gif.
+ u take many mexes quick and gets a headstart in eco.
+ when u lost air u quick tech up to t2 and get flaks.

= - u dont move ur commander to attack... can be good to have him around sometimes but i think its more negative.

- u have no t1 radar in ur mainbase and ur intel is bad because he has airsuperiorety.
- u maybe should reconsider to get air faster in ur BO so u dont lose air as easy as in this game.
- u are losing ur mapcontrol u are really high on power.. like 400+ on wasting power.. dont make me cry clanm8 blink.gif

Mid game: (10 minutes to 20)


+ u made two forward t1 factorys.. GJ! finally u can get some units out
+ u still have pretty strong air.
+ u build up a rather strong t2 force after Leafs drop.
+ good attack on Leafs mainbase with ur t2 force.

= u got t2 after leaf but not so long after. Shouldnt effect the game so much.

- ur rhinos is camping in ur base and i start screaming to them to MOVE ya mofos!
- still many mexes in the north is not builded on the empty spots and it makes me wanna cry cry.gif
- ur intel is poor and u really should try to cover the map with both t1 radars and airscout!
- u dont see Leafs airdrop and get suprised by it... u save ur ass with nice micro with ur commander but it felt a bit lucky too.


+ u got to t2 first and start making units for the nice drop and t2 power gens thum.gif
+ u get airsuperior nj smile.gif
+ nice drop but if u would have made like 2 t1 gunships as a reserv and sent them in u would have won this.... i was mad at ya tongue.gif
+ nice last effort to draw the game but it wasnt enough.

= u make massfabs one and one which takes a lot of micro and takes off ur focus but sure its good so that they cant blow everything up. I do suggest u to build the fabs in lines of 5, it takes less micro and but everythings does still not collapse when the opponent blows one line of them.

- u are not sending enginers to build on the empty mexes! baaaad
- u still got petty poor intel.
- u completely lost all kind off mapcontrol after the drop on Funkoff and u are as dead as a fish in the hands of a bear. WTF.gif

The End...

Funkoff easy defends off Leafs last airdrop and gets toasted like a grilled donut in his own base.
Leafs ACU jumps into a kamikaze transport and attack Funkoff.. byt Funkoff survive with 900 hp.

To summit it up:

This was a decent game but nothing special. Funkoff played a bit more bad than i thought but he still won in the end. Thumbs up to Leaf who made a nice drop and a pretty good start but he still needs to improve a lot to compete at top level smile.gif. u guys didnt send enough engineers to build mexes and many were lying empty almost the whole game... it sucked! u both har pretty long periods of poor intel but the thing that won the game for Funkoff was that he could keep his head cold and send in the right units in the end. The drop should have succeded thou if u just had prepared a bit more and made t1 gunships and a couple of fighters. Anyways keep on the strive for number 1 guys tongue.gif

il give this game 5.5/10 and i recomend ppl to give it a fast watch
#3Leaf_  Jul 6 2007, 13:48 PM -
Replays: 0
Right, now I've finally got this damnable site to let me login *shakes fist!* I can comment (and in the future, post).

This was the last round of the tourney and I was damn nervous going into the game. It was only when I realised about 8min in that our scores weren't too far seperated that I thought I actually had a shot (not brilliant psychology heh).

Your dead right about the drop, I shudda waited just a minute more for a couple of T1 Gunships to finish him off.

After the drop I got really desperate and lost my head a bit, it shows up in the game a lot.

Don't normally use this many flares, only had my faith in them restored by a certain someone who had flare-rushed his way up the tourney! Apparentley they do a good job!

Thanks for reviewing Loui, I'll make top 50 one day!
#4FunkOff  Jul 6 2007, 15:01 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
it wasn't that I wasn't sending engineers.... I did, they just kept getting killed over and over, I Was barely sure the mex were living hte 18 seconds required to pay themselves off lol.

And I saw both his drops, the one with the tanks as we llas his ACU. Why do oyu think I camped rhinos in my base? I didn't want to move them because I KNEW he was going to attack my ACU again, I saw the bloody T1 trans with tanks on them. I didn't, however, see them go on the outside of the map...so I Was a tiny bit surprised to see 9 tanks on my ACU all of a sudden. I managed to OC 3 in one shot, tho.
#5Sir_Loui  Jul 6 2007, 15:16 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
i mean the first drop... and when u camped ur rhinos there the first time
#6wolfman  Jul 6 2007, 16:02 PM -
Replays: 18
Leaf's biggest problem that I noticed was his horrible unit control. No micro early on, and letting his units go single file later on. Seemed like he never had an actual group of units once the whole game.
#7FunkOff  Jul 6 2007, 19:08 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
See, that was the problem I was having with leaf.

The fact that hen ever had his troops isolated in one or two aeas of the map was what made it so difficult to fight him. He had 2-3 units on every flank imaginable.... and even though my intel was decent, it was impossible to tell where all of his frontline units were because they were never organized or grouped together.

Damn, that must be what it's like to fight insurgents, shit.
#8wolfman  Jul 6 2007, 20:15 PM -
Replays: 18
But, he never did much damage with them though. Sure it is annoying having lone flares hitting all your MEXs, but it seemed like he didn't destroy many of them.
#9FunkOff  Jul 6 2007, 20:55 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Well, every time I zoomed out to look at the big picture, at least 4 mex I recently had built were gone. And all those times he just sent a stream of units in one direction... I'd intercept and kill a few with a superior number of units, but he'd ignore the egagement and proceed... which mean I was chasing scattered forces all around the map.... and when I chased the lead member, the members following would remain alive and do damage as well.

I need to watch this again, tho.

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