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#1salsacube  Nov 13 2007, 20:05 PM -
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a game that i enjoyed playing, mainly because i won i guess lol.

the reason i won was because nospacebar14 went for a t2 destroyer instead of maintaining a land spam giving me access to his commander.

not a long game but i would hope its worth watching smile.gif
#2Gnats3  Nov 16 2007, 02:30 AM -
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I'll probably review this tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.
#3Rocky_BalBoa  Nov 26 2007, 14:43 PM -
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This is what i think about of this replay...

* UEF-embc01sm14

+Nice build order at start but you need two try and not move your commander around as much as you have done.
-When your fighting other commanders with yours you will need to micro your commander a lot more that your doing
-You left the other side of your base exposed for attack and i did get attacked.
-Before about the 9 min mark you should at least have 1-3 mex's upgraded

+ Good that you went for his mex's on your attack with T2 to stump his eco if you do not kill him.
-did not use the advantage of the long range that the mongoose have
- When the ships was attacking you, you could off microed around all of there shots and saved at least half of your army
-Left you commander alone on the left hand side of his island. If he attacked you would of been dead.

You only won because you had map control and did not really deserve to won

* Aeon-nospacebar14

- Your starting build order is not that good, you should at least build 2mex's and 2 power before factory
+ nice quick rush with the Flares and the scouts.
+ Nice quick tec too T2 Mex's
+ good rush with the T1 Tanks on his base but you would of killed them T2 if you micoed around them.

+ Nice moving in with commander and taking out his factory and untis.
- Should of really backed up the commander when you attack with him.
+Again nice teching with the Mex's too T3
- when you have air control take advantage of that and scout what he is doing, Also you can see what he is sending at you
Use that as against him

+Nice getting the outer island witch should give you and advantage
-Try and get as many engineers on the T2 factory as possible
-If he is beating you build a perimeter and radars.
- you has the energy so use it, If your in the plus use it, build some fabs

+Nice way to try and come back with the T2 ship and the subs.
- but with the Ships you should of worked your way up the map and taken out his T2 factory's.If you do not know where they are scout.
-Once again Micro it will help alot, Mostly when he is attacking you.

Shame that you lost because you should of won

Listen guys the way to win a battle is to micro

but well played guys i would of love it if you guys did better but we all want replays that are better.

Thanks Rocky_Balboa
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