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3v3 Open Palms 20min

#1The_Puppeteer  Sep 25 2007, 01:24 AM -
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Hello again,
This time up for your viewing pleasure is a 3v3 on Open Palms. It features 2 nicely matched (at least strategy wise) sides. I and the player across from me, went for T1 spam. The 2 middle players, rushed for T2(our side went with ghetto gunships white the enemy went with ground forces for cover), and the side opposite from me went with offensive commanders. I thought this match fun even though it was short. I didnt even see what had happened on the side opposite of me until the commander showdown 0wn3d.gif .

Our team had good communication all the way through the match. I would use my ground to kill their AA, Grey would use his air to kill his MMLs before they did too much damage. In terms of our teams roles, Grey was the intelligence man. He would point out any dangers he saw coming with his air superiority. I was the muscle with the amount of units to stage assaults, and eventually I hoped my T2 spam would grind them to dust. The side opposite was basically the special forces. He was trying to completely remove his opponent from the game. This would force their rear player to choose who to help and who to let die.

I thought I did good in this. I think I could have used a few more engies when I took over the other starting location. I was happy with my teching of the factories (having many T2 factories instead of 1 with 20 engies). But i think I relied to heavily on Grey's air force to cover me. Granted we had seized the map and we knew they didn't have any air factories built by the time a gunship snipe would have been feasible. I also don't seem to like to build an economy in the T2 stages. I basically skip engineers and just keep pushing the ground until I win through attrition. I find that if I start to enter Sim City mode, I can't turn it off, and end relying on experimental units to win.

If you like my replays, post comments, and I put up more. If you dont like them, tell me and I will stop. Enjoy biggrin.gif
#2MadGabZ  Sep 25 2007, 09:22 AM -
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First things first: Which player were You? - It's REALLY annoying when people doesn't use same name in-game as when posting demos, or at least provide the link when posting! Its not only you, its a LOT of posters!

No bashing intended mind you! biggrin.gif
#3The_Puppeteer  Sep 26 2007, 03:53 AM -
Replays: 3
I was Rafiel_Brening, The T1 spammer on gray's team biggrin.gif . I was yellow on the team with gray and white.
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