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Aeon Anti Nukes Bugged?

#1Suicidal_SyD  Aug 2 2007, 10:03 AM -
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Imagine my horror! I was practicing patrol routes (genius ones I might add) and I had THREE Fully loaded nuke defences.

The AI fires ONE nuke it lands right next to my com and kills me none of the anti nukes fire at all! 24 anti missiles sit there and do NOTHING! I really cannot believe it. I laughed my head off for ages after i got pwned by Mr turtle AI. 0wn3d.gif

I wonder if any of the guys at GPG could check this out. the nuke was well within the "Protected" area but my anti nukes were on holiday or having a picnic. I was WTF! all around my bedroom I just got WTF BBQ'd by an AI! Oh dear the embarrassment of it! The shame the horror the feeling of disgust.
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