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5 Man Free for all

#1GrimeOne  Aug 2 2007, 20:43 PM -
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5 Man free for all
2 pros
2 complete noobs i never played against before
1 semi decent player

my question is who do you think would have won out of the pros? Since the game got disrupted, and agrael pc crashed, so other two noobs left leaving just me against the semi decent player, which was not that difficult..

Any tips for me would be appreciated smile.gif
#2MadGabZ  Aug 5 2007, 18:04 PM -
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Thx for calling me semi-decent! biggrin.gif I have moved up in the hierarchy, it seems - lol!

Maybe if u had focused more on using air-attacks, u had plenty of fighters for support!
I think, the biggest reasong for having a hard time cracking Agraels defenses, was lack of that firebase, which EVENTUALLY u built, should have been way before. U had the intel!

Right, i hope a semicrap players words counts! Just u wait till i get my eco management sorted! smilie_naughty.gif
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