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[3220] RS_Gollum vs FunkOff, Theta Passage

#31Deman  Mar 5 2007, 14:43 PM -
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Superb game and to be honest a good few mistakes can be forgiven since FunkOff had just came directly from the Eshez game which I actually think was a better replay than this one.

There was a good few times throughout the game I thought Gollum would have and could have gone for the kill but stalled at the last moment.

Impressive constant harassment and destruction of the bottom mex points by FunkOff throughout the game preventing Gollum from ever teching them up fully.

Gollum probably should have crippled the economy more when he had so many gunships and bots into FunkOff's base but the veil of red mist that decends on us all when we see yellow hp bar on the ACU had clearly took over his thinking smile.gif

Great game, great tourney, possibly move the final games to the next day in future though as watching the three final replays you could tell both players were a little burnt out.
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#32Flynn  Mar 5 2007, 18:47 PM -
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QUOTE(Rienzilla @ Mar 4 2007, 11:25 PM) *

Will they reclaim if just put on patrol, like engies?

They used to but it would seem they changed it in later versions of the beta.

- Made some T2 torpedo bombers, i think this was a mistake lol

QUOTE(RS_Gollum @ Mar 3 2007, 11:37 PM) *

This game could be titled : "how a missclick can change a game...". cry.gif

Personally I thought that was what R.S._Gollom meant by "missclick". But since he hasn't said that and considering the factory wasn't level three I don't know what he meant blush.gif

This was one hell of a fight! Quality stuff indeed smile.gif
#33RS_Gollum  Mar 5 2007, 22:56 PM -
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By "missiclick", i mean i sent all my engi in the funkoff base.... i didnt want to. After that, my units production dropped dramatically... And that cost me the game.

Obviously, i didnt want to make torpedo bombers whistling.gif I wanted scouts instead.
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#34Hysteria  Mar 9 2007, 05:06 AM -
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Excellent game all round! Kudos guys!
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