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[R] Streikoman vs FunkOff

#1FunkOff  Feb 23 2007, 02:18 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:
This guy has a very unique build order that was completely not what I was expecting WTF.gif
#2Feinam  Feb 23 2007, 03:52 AM -
Replays: 10 Game:
Nice build...

Iffy execution.

I liked your targeting with the aeon bombers to take out 3+ pgens per 2 passes. Great job hamstringing his economy.

I disliked you use of "go to" command for your interceptors. They ended up landing when they ran out of opponents, promptly to get chewed up by com fire.

When you have a strike force in a base and the opponent builds a turret... you have to ask yourself which answer is correct:
I will do the most damage if I just sacrifice my bombers and ignore the turret... dropping his economy further
I will do the most damage if I drop the turret first, then go back to blowing up his base.

If you believe you'll only have a bomber left after the turret is down.. or that reinforcements will take a while... by all means go for blowing up his Pgens until your force dies.

That decision has to be made immediately, though... blowing up pgens for a while to lose 5 bombers then switching to the turret is iffy.

Same goes with commander:
I feel you could have utterly dominated if you had continued with your econ harass instead of targeting his commander. Dropping him may be the glory, but that game was entirely yours until you switched to taking him out. Dropping his naval yards after the econ was crippled would have ensured he couldn't counter your strategy with his naval base strike.

Very nice recovery... you kept your wits about you despite the shock of his econ hit.
I like the AA boat use.. they're nice and mobile compared to the small AoE of aeon bomber blasts.

Interesting watch to be sure =).
#3Flynn  Feb 23 2007, 12:53 PM -
Replays: 45 Game:
I dunno what happened, but after Streikoman's gunships got pwned the game just said "Streikoman has been defeated" when his Cmdr didn't even blow up wacko.gif
#4prepare  Feb 23 2007, 14:39 PM -

QUOTE(Flynn @ Feb 23 2007, 01:53 PM) *

I dunno what happened, but after Streikoman's gunships got pwned the game just said "Streikoman has been defeated" when his Cmdr didn't even blow up wacko.gif

he simply left the game via the menu
#5FunkOff  Feb 23 2007, 15:30 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
yeah, I know striekoman did a lot of things wrong... of course, I was looking for somthing to exploit... and when I saw those fighters land I knew I had a shot to kill them.

His strat is a very useful surprise strat, I think... he damn nearly had me.
#6timmyfred  Feb 23 2007, 16:06 PM -
Replays: 11 Game:
I had someone do an air first strat against me on Winters Duel yesterday...caught me by surprise and probably had won him a few games, he executed the air portion of it so well, but luckily I was Cybran so my mobile AA was able to deal with it, and he neglected building any land defense other than a couple PDs...

I forgot to save the replay though sad.gif
#7frsrblch  Feb 23 2007, 20:35 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Whoa, somebody sure got caught with their pants down.

Very interesting watch. He decimated you base with a single factory and a couple engineers. If he managed those units a little better and expanded his production at all, he could have had you. I'll have to try this one some time.
#8Flynn  Feb 24 2007, 19:29 PM -
Replays: 45 Game:
I dunno why more ppl don't go air first more often in Supreme Commander. In T.A. it was very common to go air first on such big maps.
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#9AncientSion  Feb 24 2007, 20:04 PM -
Replays: 16 Game:
Streikoman IPB Image


IPB Image FunkOff

IPB Image


Streikoman IPB Image

+Unusual BO. However, i think you should at least do a second extractor before your air factory since it will pay off while you are builing the factory. You are basicly trading 6 seconds of lost build time (+ walking, agreed) for +2 for 40 seconds.
+Cool micro at times with the bombers (in case it was micro. Maybe u just got lucky)

-You should have attacked earlier, maybe with 4-5 bombers instead of waiting for 6+
-When you first withdrew your bombers, you had full mass storage AND +15 income. It wouldnt hurt to order an enginner to build a pair of factories to spend your ressources.
-You opted to withdraw your bombers when you scouted his interceptors. I think you should have stayed with your attack. Probably YOUR interceptors would have reached the enemies main base at the right time, interceptors are faster than bombers.
-You should have realized your lack of anti-air support. A single interceptors will down a horde of bombers rather quick.
-Bad micro at other times. Instead of bombing his comm, you should have focused on destroyer his energy entirely or distrupt build on the air plants (a single bomb will kill the unit which is in build, ultimatly stopping his production entirely).

FunkOff IPB Image

+Partly proper scouting, sending a scout to each expansion island.

-Unfortunally didnt scout the real threat -> the enemies main island.
-You should have ordered your main factory to get Thirstle instead Auroras when the bombers were hitting your base.
-You should ordered your second air factory to either do Conservators or stop production, but dont waste your precious energy for Shimmers...
-You should have send your bunch of Auroras to either his main or his expansion, just dont idle them when he is all-air.
-Would have been wise to do Shards instead of even more (useless) Sylphs.

So-so. The game itself was interesting because it showed some really unusual warfare. Ultimatly Streikoman lost because he didnt realize the need for steady support instead of wave after wave attacks.
Some pretty big mistakes were made as well. Worth watching not for skill or pro level, but for coolness.
Im still wondering why an Aeon player decides to get 3 Naval yards when he has Auroras and subs-naval control is totally neglectable.
Who hasnt dreamed about wasting his enemy with bombers. Rating 2.2 but +1 for coolness. Nominating for the non-existant medal of weirdness.

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#10Ftang  Feb 24 2007, 20:38 PM -
Replays: 5 Game:
looool, pissed myself watching this replay, my clanmate squirming for ages with -250 energy biggrin.gif

very effective strategy on the early bombers despite the buffed t1 aeon AA (it did need it!), i think ill try smt like this myself wink.gif

i just wish streiko would have won! <3

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