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Supreme Commander


#1FunkOff  Mar 1 2007, 20:53 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
FunkOff vs DI Corpus

This is bogus, how could I recieved a loss for this... mad.gif
#2FunkOff  Mar 1 2007, 20:56 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
btw, notice how his T2 transport was never detectable to me, despite lots of LOS and radar.
they need to fix this shit ffs wacko.gif
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#3Rienzilla  Mar 1 2007, 23:41 PM -
Replays: 12 Game:
Lol, great move by corpus. However, I must agree with you that a loss here is not in order.

I lost to ELITE_BOMBER in exactly the same way. He chased me with his commander, and his commie had some more HP than mine, I blew, and he didn't. I guess the com nuke has been nerfed a little too much. The 4k damage is ok, but the splash damage range is too small compared to the commander's firing range.

#4FunkOff  Mar 2 2007, 00:50 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:
commander's attack range is 22, the damage radius (for 4k total) is 30... sometimes it jsut glitches.
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