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Poita_ vs Unconquerable - Open Palms

#41Deltrax  Mar 25 2007, 19:27 PM -
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This game reminds me of the silver replay of Funkoff vs Gollum, where Gollum _ALMOST_ manages to kill Funkoff, but then is hit hard by Funkoff's counter T3 bots.
In this game Poita did little wrong, and hindsight there are always better things to do, also because you know the outcome. Like these things are always easy to say in hindsight:

- The T1 transport 'SkyHunters' bots, could have killed Unconquerable, where it not for the 10 interceptors, had Poita waited 1 minute more and produced a few more interceptors, and sent in his intercepters first to draw fire, he would have killed Unconquerable.
- Would he have made X amount of T1/T2 PD's he would have saved himself
- Would he have teched earlier, he could have outproduced him, T3 wise.
- Would he have hit the mexes first, he would have denied unconquerable resources to tech up.
- Would he have overcharged the factory and the hydrocarbon plant, he would again have denied unconquerable resources to tech up.
- etc.

But he didn't. His overcharge did fire thrice, killing 2 Harbs, the T3 bots, and missing 1. Bugged? maybe, maybe not? He did have enough energy to Over Charge.
Also the commanders overcharge range is -I thought- his range for building, so a target must be in that range, and must be hit twice for the overcharge to work. So overcharge is good against stationary targets, but bad at killing fast moving targets. You can 'ninja' 6 T3 bots, if they come in a nice line towards your commander and stop, but that didn't happen here, the Harbs brushed past the commander, he did OC 2 of the Harbs, but against 6, you have to be REALLY lucky I guess. Unconquerable was faster to T3, and by doing that gave him the edge back to quickly assasinate Poita.

In my opinion, the game is a bit slanted, the Tier 2 can be skipped, and you can produce T3 bots easy on a metal rich map, with only a few T2 Mexes. Tier 3 should be a bit harder to reach, like the cost to get the Commander/ACU T3 upgrade. Alternatively the T3 bots could get a speed decrease, this would make the T2 PD's a bit more effective, and make T2 a more viable solution.
Just my 2 cents.
#42Cadaverous1  Mar 25 2007, 20:07 PM -
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I really enjoyed watching this replay, and I was defenitly cheering for Poita_ ! You can soooo close to killing his com a couple of times, it was really intense. Good work ! Post more of these please.

Allso kudos for you for posting a replay of a game you lost....
#43Necrosjef  Mar 25 2007, 23:26 PM -
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Pretty good game, poita could have won this though if he had kept his ACU safe. Poita had a better eco and was killing unconq with mantis on both flanks.
#44roflsheep  Mar 31 2007, 19:19 PM -
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This replay, among others, demonstrates the game ending potential of t3. As soon as they come into play, all other tiers are null.
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