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Me versus Daedle. What could I do?

#1djj07  May 27 2007, 22:36 PM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Hello. I just finished playing agains Daedle who was _very_ aggressive Cybran player. I got beaten. Badly. It seemed like he was everywhere and I couldn't keep up. I managed to hang along something like 20mins. The game is pretty much over when I start to upgrade my land factory from T2 to T3. After that it's quite boring.


I watched the replay once and here are some thoughts:

- My early harassment with two 1bot+1scout pairs failed miserably and then Daedle started to beat my engineers with his early attack force. He also microed them very well and those bots got many easy preys.
- I usually go transports. The more drops the better. First drop I made landed right next to his ACU. BOOM. I should have scouted but usually the ACU is far away from the starting position in this time of the game. Well...it wasn't smile.gif My other transports were wasted since I couldn't think where I should have dropped some units and when I reached T2 I was busy to defend my base and couldn't spare any units.
- I didn't upgrade my mexes early enough which I think was a crucial mistake when you don't have the land control. But upgrading mexes would lead to fewer units thus even more loss of a ground.
- I also messed up some rally factory rally points and that lead to some extra time when I moved the units around.
- I should always keep scouts with every attack force. If I would have done that I could have destroyed couple extra mexes with Strikers.

It seems that Rhinos really own this map. It's flat so they can always utilize their whole range and rate of fire while moving. This is also good map for Hunters because of their speed and awesome tracking abilities. Is there something fundamentally wrong in style of play? Maybe there something that could be easily implemented into building queues? Maybe I should have used walls to limit the area Cybran can run. Is it a good idea to keep your tanks protecting the engineers or try to hunt down your enemy's engineers? I tried the latter one. Any other suggestions for UEF?

#2Kormi  May 27 2007, 23:36 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
Just some general comments:
1. Very good idea with that airdrop in his base, but oh my the execution mate. Should have been Lobos and not in the base, but on the hill about it!! He would have lost his quite a lot if you could have done that.
2. You're early harassment was pathetic and was doomed to fail from the start. Why? Even an engineer can kill one mech marine (by reclaiming it)... You should send at least two in a group with scout.
3. You mostly don't have to upgrade mexes on OP, for most of the game it's enough to cover your side of the map ;-)

Other than that, I did not see anything terribly wrong, he was just better this time.
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