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Base Swap, Moon vs FunkOn

#1FunkOff  Jul 9 2007, 15:28 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
This is not a pro game, at least not by conventional standards. What happened was I didn't see his ACU creep up on my base like that (I saw it coming,but... failed to do anything about it sad.gif ) and then I attacked his base with my ACU.

Now, I'm sure I made a ton of mistakes, but that's because I haven't prepared for this sort of thing before. I was flying by the seat of my pants on this one.
#2Molloy  Jul 10 2007, 17:05 PM -
Replays: 1 Game:
I think this was a brilliant game. Both players were being spectacularly messed up and rebounding very well. Planting the artillery on the hill was devastating. Hadn't seen that before. It was a wonder he didn't try and shoot them with his Commander though. I would have thought he'd have reached.

Nice switch up of strat going gunships at the end. You had sea superiority as well so you have yourself very well covered against anything at that point.
#3_PINK  Jul 10 2007, 18:02 PM -
Replays: 9 Game:
I'll be reviewing this.

FunkOn vs MoonShadow, Finn's Revenge

I'll be going play by play for each player. This is my first review, so be gentle.

1:30 + Solid, well planned build orders by both players, especially by Funk.
Not sure why Funk is going air second in an Aeon ditto on Finn's, but we will see.

2:00 - Eek, Moonshadow, watch out for those com walks. They cost a LOT of time.

2:40 = Both of you, risky move sending a lone engineer to your islands. May pay off.

3:00 - Just noticed this Moonshadow, but you failed to reclaim the 3 rocks in the center. Horrible eco choice.

3:20 + EXCELLENT scouting by Funk. He knows what's up.

4:00 + Good multiple engineers on hydro, giving you an energy advantage over Funk's slower build.

4:20 = Both sides send an aurora to kill the other's island engineer. Both fail to see it coming.

4:40 + Sneaky com, Funk. This could pay off.
Nice territory grab by Moonshadow, if a bit slow.

5:15 - BAD Moonshadow! You have to set a patrol rally point for that air factory.

5:45 - Focus, Moonshadow. 1 PD will not stop a commander. On the other hand, Funk's base is quite solidly screwed and he seems to know it.

6:15 - You FINALLY started powerbuilding those PDs, Funk. What took so long?

7:00 = You have both seemed to resign yourselves to the base swap. Remember to stop factories at home to save resources.

7:30 - Rebuild, or capture, or something. You are both going to be screwed for energy if this keeps up.

7:40 + Excellent Pgen capturing by Funk. Pay attention and ctrlK them Moon!

8:30 = Moonshadow, you can only guard that hydrocarbon for so long. Build those PDs, but put some pgens up ASAP.
- Airfac when you're soon to be low on E? Bad, bad, bad, BAD idea.

9:00 - Bad choice of rebuilding spots Moon. Get those Pgens up on the wrecks of Funk's, don't build new ones on the island. Also, stop wasting mass. D=

10:00 + Great flare spread for maximum damage to his expansion mexes, Funk.

11:00 - Get that airfac pumping engineers, Moon. Also get your idles moving.

11:15 + Hah, you managed to capture his HCP Moonshadow, good show.

11:30 + Nice ghetto use to take out the HCP area, Funk.

12:00 - ANOTHER airfactory? While your first is idle, and was a bad idea in the first place? Ewwwwwwwwww.

12:30 + Nice usage of your bombers to kill Moon's energy, Funk. He is in a world of hurt right now, make sure to press your advantage.

15:00 + Very nice fervor drop, Funk.

16:00 - Your idle facs everywhere make me sad, Moon =(

17:00 - Idle commander, Funk.

18:00 = Everything seems to be falling apart for Moon as Funk has air, sea, and land control.

18:30 + Moon has hit T2! Things may be looking up!

19:00 + Moon's MML comes out JUST in time to save his lower area.

20:00 = Moon's island is about to die. This game is looking closer to over. It also appears that Funk's T2 airfac will take him by surprise.

21:00 - For whatever reason, there is still a TON of unreclaimed stuff right by (and UNDER) moon's com.

22:00 = Risky move with your commander, Funk. Make it count.

22:15 - His T2 Pgen is RIGHT THERE, Funk! Your frigates could have easily done it in, along with a lot of other stuff.

23:00 + Ah, okay, you got it.

23:52 Moonshadow disconnects, and is defeated.

Summary: An alright match and interesting base swap, but Funk kept several strides in the lead the entire time with his better scouting and planning ahead. Uncharactaristically poor play from Moonshadow, better luck next time mate. smile.gif

Overall Score: 5/10
#4FunkOff  Jul 10 2007, 23:40 PM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Like I said,how this match proceeded was... completely unplanned. I guess I'm just better at thinking on my toes. :-)

TY for the review!
#5_PINK  Jul 11 2007, 01:02 AM -
Replays: 9 Game:
No problem. I'm sorry about my hissy fits earlier. tongue.gif
#6FunkOff  Jul 11 2007, 01:32 AM -
Replays: 26 Game:
Lol np.

BTW, Enter is not your friend :-o
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