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[R] Solarity vs Chopsticks

#1Solarity  Mar 11 2007, 19:40 PM -
Replays: 7 Game:
Not much scouting on his part, maybe if he had it would have been gg to him smile.gif I only did it because I thought he was going to overcharge my base, so I took action to stop him, was planning on killing all his mexs and engis smile.gif Even though it was short, am I heading in the right direction?
#2Spinewire  Mar 12 2007, 21:34 PM -
Replays: 4 Game:
IPB Image
Open Palms


Chopsticks IPB Image


IPB Image Solarity
Duration 47mins

IPB Image Chopsticks

+ Did build a scout to start
+ Took middle of map quickly
+ Forward factories were constructed
+ Attacked enemy Mexs
+ Agressive commander usage

- A better base layout to reduce commander movment in starting BO would have helped.
- Should have moved scout into his base to see what he was planning
- You reacted too slowly to the attacks on you Mex's
- You did not Upgrade you Mex's
- Should have swiched factory production to AA (however useless) assisted engs with AA tower and attacked trasport with the fighter you had.

IPB Image Solarity

+ Attacked Mex's which is always nice to see.
+ Tried to defended your early engs
+ T1 gunships took advantage of 0 AA

- Did not scout his base so you had no idea if he had an Air factory
- Moved you commander about too much during starting BO and mid game
- You did not cap mex's to the right of you base
- You need to upgrade you mex's quicker.


Chopsticks gets early bases in the middle of the map and seems to gain map control, however without upgrading his mexs this land bonus is wasted and Solarity seems to be out producing him. Despite this Chopsticks keeps his forces mainly contained to his enemys base, bar a few units that break a few Mex's. Solarity then makes Transports and Flares and soon as the first 6 are loaded he attacks chopsticks eager commander. This sends the commander running stright past a eng making an AA tower, and as the factories still churn out tanks and the fighter is having a cup of tea elsewhere the commadner is poped after the 2nd batch of flares arrive. Chopsticks failed to respond to the managble threat and it cost him the game.

Rated 3/10

Solarity if your going to do a T1 Gunship rush then you can end the game in the 5th min.

2 mex 3 Pgens 1 Land fac, build 1 eng from that and then stream out flares.
cap the other 2 mexs then move you commander + eng and cap the Hydro plant, attach a air factory to it then assist 3 transports 1 scout and swicth to bombers, or intys if your scout encounters any enemy air resistance.

Once the skys are clean, or stright away if they have no air fac, you can take out him com and follow up with bombers to destory and engs building AA towers or slow down production of AA building land facs.

I personaly have stopped doing that as it's not hard to counter and does spell game over if you get countered.

Chopsticks this is the layout generaly use when in that spot on OP that map, you can easily build 5 fac without moving and an easy 12+ Pgens also you can add a sheild later if the feel like it. (note only the cybran will cover all of the facs if you upgrade it twice.) Also you may want to use an Agressive com. Few waypoint from each fac will aslo stop them getting stuck on Pgens and move quickly to where you want them.


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