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[3223] AncientSion vs TrueRandom

#1Brainiac  May 15 2007, 15:24 PM -
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Open Palms - AncientSion (Red) vs TrueRandom (Green)

A nice game on open palms here for your pleasure. Sion using Cybran and Random using Aeon. Its the usual story of Cybran spam but random doesn't race to tech up. Does it work for him? Well no, but its a bloody solid effort and if not for a bug in the game would of resulted in a win.

AncientSion - North

Some nice early harassing from you, taking out all Randoms attempts to expand. Would of been nice to see you trying to take the mex points in the area's you had cleared. Especially when it was clear you had him hemmed in. It took you quite a while to clear the right hand side of the map when you had more than enough units to do so. This maybe cos you had radar and played it safe in case the structures were PD's. It has to be said that you SHOULD of died to Randoms bombers but they lost their target which resulted in a run were you did not get hit. This was the difference between you winning and you losing.

TrueRandom - South

A strange game from yourself but this added to the entertainment value. Your attempts to expand were thwarted time and time again. Most people in your position rush for T3 bots to try push out. Your massing of bombers was a VERY risky strategy because if it failed you had NOTHING to fall back on. Unfortunately it did fail but that was because your bombers lost their target. If this had not occured you would of had it bagged. Speedy upgrading of your mex was nice to see, but I do think you should of probably used it to push for t3. The one thing i could not understand was you built a very strong defensive line... At the back of your base. So by the time the enemy reached it all your factories had been killed. Bit pointless really.


A relatively one sided game but certainly proves the 'current' effectiveness of bombers. Nothing new to see here but worthy of a watch if you want to get a feel for cybran expansion on open palms.

Score 5/10
#2TrueTheReaper  May 16 2007, 16:41 PM -
Replays: 3
Ehhh why is this the replay of the week? I just plain got outmassed here, the bomber assassination attempt was fun but nothing special. I got plenty of better ones.
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