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BLITZ_Molloy vs Cebullus

#1Molloy  Mar 4 2007, 14:56 PM -
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Just as a word of warning this isn't a top tier pro game or anything. But neither are we complete crap. I'm just curious if anybody has any tips for me because I've had a rather long string of losses in ranked games.

My opponent ended up getting way ahead of me in the economy stakes. I had 4 tech 2 extractors and 1 tech 3 one by the end but I was still behind quite a bit. Should I have been concentrating more on grabbing the isles and using mass fabricators? I know I definately didn't build enough energy and that kind of rogered me in the end. Should have had more foresight.

I'm also a bit hazy on the rules with commanders exploding. He rushed me at one point killing most of my army and almost dying. Should I have followed him and finished him with my own commander or would that have resulted in a draw? He was more than 250 places above me in the rankings. I'm told that has something to do with it.

I'm finding this game a little bit hard to adapt to from Total Annihilation. Going after the opponents resources seems to be largely redundant. Taking out his thermal energy didn't have much effect. It seems to be all about the economy and massing a large enough army to kill your opponents army, or bully his Commander into having to retreat and not take out your small to medium groups of tanks.

I also know I should have gone Aeon. UEF don't seem to be that good at anything.

Anyway. Advice would be appreciated.
#2RapierX  Mar 4 2007, 16:12 PM -
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Start: You should start with a pgen next to your comm generally, then use a move order between the 2 mexes to minimize walking. Less walking means faster building, it's critical to a good start. Some maps you don't need a move order at start, but a lot you do.

Missed chances to reclaim enemy engineers on both islands, against a good aeon person they'll block you with an aurora.

Aeon players can simply go around the PDs on the little land parts of Finns, try to push across and force a land fight, especially with commander. You want do this even with aeon, set up land facts on his side.

Waypoints for factories, use them.

4 idle factories. sad.gif

He had bombers, you should have immediately built an airplant and interceptors.

I dont play UEF but try to mix in lobos, something like 5 strikers + 1 lobo, and a snoop imo. If you had a few lobos his comm would have died in a push, or been forced back extremely fast.

T2 air is pretty pointless unless you can pump out gunships with a bunch of engies, which would have been good. You needed to take air superiority with interceptors first though, and get those bombers off of you.

Commander explosion is 4k damage, if you have over 4k you live.

That said, your opponent was pretty bad and didn't have any clue how to play aeon.
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