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Quick match on Open Plams

#1The_Puppeteer  Sep 11 2007, 04:45 AM -
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I'm Rafiel_Brening in this replay. I was playing DI_AyeMosaram who I know is good. He was around the same rank as me and I had a great deal of respect for him. I have decided to switch back to UEF from Cybran and would like some help on my BO and how to play UEF in general. For example, do they require constant positive power, should I make Lbots or just spam strykers, lobos, etc? What did I do wrong in this replay?

I really thought I had lost when I saw his first T2 tank so early. I figured I was in a much worse position than I really was, so I tried to gank his commander when I saw he wasn't at home. I moved my ACU up because I figured I could at least Cntrl + K for the draw if nothing else.

Basic Overview-
Rafiel_Brening, (UEF) South.
-goes for what I think is the basic way to play UEF. I think they are stryker lobo spam + slow tech up to T2. I am used to playing Cybran and going fast T2.
-Wins T1 spam and initial map control
-Constantly more units than DI_AyeMosaram
-Loses T2 race (by a mile)
-gets pushed back to base by Rhinos
-Scouts show exposed enemy commander
-Focuses on taking out enemy ACU
-It works, I win

DI_AyeMosaram, (Cybran), North
-Goes for extreamly fast T2
-Uses it to push into expansions and later into Rafiel_Brening's base
-Has few T1 units
-Neglects scouts
-Has a slow econ (less mass per tic for most of the match)
-Moves ACU to secure right side of map
-Gets swarmed by T1 + ACU

After the game, I was informed that I had really lost the match. I was called a Com rusher that would have lost if i didn't use such a dirty tactic. I was less than pleased with this because As far as i was concerned I was playing for a draw when I moved my com out to engage his. I didn't move out as a rush on his base either. I also don't think I would have lost if the match had gone on for another 10 minutes. At the end of the game, I had superior numbers, control of the right side of the map, and T2 myself. In fact I am confident I would have been able to retake the left side of the map and push him into his base if it had come to that.

Anyways, How can I improve my game as UEF? Should I be Fast teching still? what should I do?
#2Tman  Sep 13 2007, 06:42 AM -
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UEF is a great T1 spam machine. Lobos are very effective with their large splash. You can accentuate T1 rush with engineers assisting.

Really though, you've got to find your own play style. I personally like a ratio of 2 T1 tanks with 5 lobos. Those lobos are slow, but in masses, they are very effective. It takes some micro to keep them at the right distance and to keep some space between you & enemy.

What this match shows you more than anything else is the power of a mass of T1 UEF. A lot of people think comms can stand and fight innumerable numbers of T1, but UEF is a different breed of T1 because of the splash...comm dancing doesn't help that much.

Great job in seeing the vulnerability of his comm out in the open & reacting to it.
#3Gandalf_Greyhame  Oct 3 2007, 10:56 AM -
Replays: 1 Game:

Nice replay... short & snappy...
I think the rush for fast tech lvl 2 was not the main problem, not building any radar was DI_AyeMosaram's main shortfall...

At the time he has ramped up 4-6 lvl 2 tanks he could easily crushed his enemy, but he didn't attack the base, nor did he see where Rafiel_Brening was attacking (bc of lack of radar)..

All the time i thought "OMG NO RADAR WTF!!!" biggrin.gif


Gandalf Greyhame
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