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1 Vs 1 Winter Duel

#1Hogo  Apr 6 2007, 13:08 PM -
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Hello i have been playing more ranked games today because i want to get 3 stars and i am getting there slowly i asked this guy what his rank was he said 60. the game started well but i forgot to build a mech machine to try and destroy his Engineer but that did not really matter he had 2 point defenses up before me so i had no idea what to do because my units just got destroyed but i wont say who one thats to find out smile.gif

A review would be Appreciated

Thanks Hogo
#2KingsRevenge  Apr 7 2007, 04:47 AM -
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This game was pretty good. he got up on you by sticking those turrets out there. One thing is, I like your starting BO building placement, I think I may try that out myself. I'm contemplating using the mechs on small maps to do light harassment since it seems they can do some decent damage in numbers.
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