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Hogo Vs Sir_Loui

#1Hogo  Mar 6 2007, 20:56 PM -
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Quite a good game he is ranked 200 When we played i was rank 1300 and this shows you dont have to be a low rank to beat a low rank but in this case i don't think he tried tongue.gif

Feedback would be nice about what i need to improve on and what i did good Thanks
#2Hogo  Mar 7 2007, 16:21 PM -
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No replys sad.gif
#3spiceant  Mar 7 2007, 21:58 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
Ill try to give you a small review

Some plusses and minusses for and about your play in this game.

+ You attacked your opponent from two sides
+ made a few forward land factorys
- NEVER upgraded any Mass extractor
- Made little use of T1 artillery (great for killing Point defense and commanders)
- Build a little to many scouts
- Aproaching 10:00 you are wasting lots of mass. about 15-20 mass per second for several minutes. This mass could have been spend upgrading mass extractors and building power generators and building/upgrading factorys and building more engineers and using those extra engineers to assist upgrading and build powergens as needed. (It's usually a good idea to have atleast 1 engineer build new power generators constantly)
- You only ever build 3 engineers atleast untill T3 which also made you very incapable of dealing with a growing economy. It can be very usefull to put an engineer in a 3tanks-1scout loop build que.
- You build your 3rd and 4th mass extractor pretty late and lost time because you extracted less mass then the average top 200 player, at the beginning of the game.
- No passive radars to oversee movement in his base (scouts often don't have a big enough radar)
- Never really abused your map control to upgrade fast and build many more units and build a small outpost near his base (shield and tech1-2 point defense and perhaps a few power generators/mobile shields/artillerys)
- Never really abused map control to build more mexes where it was safe. There were many places to build more mexes.

Most important advice i can give:
=Upgrade mass extractors gradually (like for example see to it that atleast 1 mex is upgraded every 2-5 minutes)
=It may be a good idea to send in an air scout into your enemys base every minute or two even if its suicide because the intell certainly a hundred times worth more then the cost of the scout.
=Get more engineers (use them to build factory/powergenerators, assist/upgrade factorys, build forward bases to grow a needle in your opponents eye and expand your economy (like in newly conquered areas).
=When you have too much mass, see to it that you get enough energy to assist a factory into tier 2 and build some t2 engineers, send half of the 8-10 assisting engineers along and build an outpost near.
=If you don't feel like the above. See to it that you quickly build many more factorys to swarm your opponent with t1 tanks/artillery
=above all: DO NOT WASTE MASS!!!!111!

These are points to improve on, i whish you good luck on that. Not that you need the luck, some effort alone will get you very far on it's own.

#4Hogo  Mar 7 2007, 22:18 PM -
Replays: 29 Game:
Yeah Thanks a lot smile.gif i have 1 problem i am not too good with multi tasking so i forget about upgrading mass extractors, Ive never built radars i know i should Plus if i have 3 tanks 1 scout and a engineer building on repeat i end up getting to many Idle engineers.

How could i have built the 3 and 4 mass extractors any faster i needed that factory first then i took them Could u say a build order that could work?

Also Thanks smile.gif
#5spiceant  Mar 8 2007, 12:41 PM -
Replays: 2 Game:
2 pgens and 2 mex first build fact 2 pgens 2 mex and another fact while engineers roll out
rest of the BO is up to you
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