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Darke vs M4atrix

#1RavenDarke  Aug 24 2007, 18:13 PM -
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What to say.. one of many battle between me and M4atrix, I did some mistakes before final attack..
#2djj07  Aug 26 2007, 11:06 AM -
Replays: 6 Game:
Ok. So I mainly watched your game (Darke) but the following two things are good for both of you.

- Build more landfactories and more offensive units. It's usually good idea to have 3-5 LF's before upgrading one.
- Use your offensive units to harass your opponent and give something else to think.

And then some pointers for Darke (some of them may be usefull for M4TRIX):

- In the beginning it's a good idea to build that Hydro ASAP since produced energy/mass needed is 0,625 for Hydro and 0,27 for T1 pgen. So basically you get far more bang for your buck when you invest in Hydro compared to T1 PG.
- In the early game it's good to have a radar also in your main base to quickly see if your opponent is doing T1 drops.
- I also say it here: Build more landfactories. Before 10mins mark you wasted something like half of your income. This can be avoided by building more LF's and queuing them to built light and heavy assault bots.
- The current economy balance supports building T2 Pgens and T1 mass fabs to get best income in mid game and it's more effective than upgrading mexes. Actually 2xT1pgen+T1mex has a better mass income/used mass ratio than T1->T2 mex upgrade. Also building mass storages around mexes is most beneficial when you do it for T3 mexes. Don't bother with T2 mexes.
- Use air scouts to see what your enemy is doing. This also gets a vital knowledge of the strength of your enemys AA. If you can spot a place where no AA is present do a few T1 drops with mantises to mess up your enemy's planning. T2 drops will also do the trick. Especially Isis is an excellent map for drops.
- You did fairly well when you reached T3 and started to build T3 pgens and fabs. That kind of a pgen matrix you built is not a good idea. It would require a one run with two strat bombers to bring down the whole formation.
- You focused too much on building your eco and that's why you wasted more mass than you used which is considered a very bad thing. This is again something you can help by building more factories in the beginning of the game. One good idea is that you have one factory constantly building engies which you order to assist other factories.

I think that's all I have to say for now. Keep playing and watch some top replays found in the replay vault. You'll get better smile.gif
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