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1v1 Winter Duel (vs AI) - Need advice.

#1Panic-360  Sep 8 2007, 14:27 PM -
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Alright, after following some guides like the general strategy guide on this one ( the newbie one and the big one), and another guide ("STFU guide to stop sucking at SupCom") + alot of replays. I really learnt some good stuff, however I don't know exactly if I am doing things wrong because I just dont have the common economy/spam knowledge, I'm working on it though, but there isn't really a guide that explains how to efficiently spend your money during gametime.

Anyways I have a replay of me playing an AI, can't play online. (I'm playing on a friends version but I'm planning to get it after I get the game concept a bit.)

I would really love to get some help from professional players and I hope poeple want to help me, you don't have to but it would be a real nice thing to do smile.gif Anyways.

Just spam me with criticism, what do I do wrong, and maybe how to improve it, and what did I do right, etc.
#2ntropy  Sep 8 2007, 14:42 PM -
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I believe you did very well, actually.
T1 bombers are rather ineffective vs opponets main base if there are ints or AA. Eco was good. Might wanna do the hydro first. And maybe you could do smaller fab groups of around 4 or 5.

#3Panic-360  Sep 8 2007, 18:57 PM -
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Thanks for the help and advice, I'll definitely work on those and some more things now! biggrin.gif
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