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Mavor Victory, Help Please

#1Corporate Sector  Sep 10 2007, 04:02 AM -
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This was a long but fun 3v3 on Setons Clutch. I messed up early like I always do but came back and won it for my team with a Mavor strategic artillery piece. I could use lots of help with everything, mainly though my economy balance. This is a good watch with good team work and many decent players making common mistakes we can learn from.
#2Corporate Sector  Sep 10 2007, 04:03 AM -
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My in game name I use is zeroxfour.
#3Tman  Sep 13 2007, 06:15 AM -
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Sorry but that game was too painful to watch more than 40 min at +10.

did you all have a pre-arranged agreement to not attack anyone for the first hour?

I saw zip, nada, zero defenses. T3 strat bombers or mercies could have taken out every comm but you and that's only because you kept your comm in the water.

Every single person on there was so ripe for attack, but hardly any scouting was occuring to even notice there were so many mass-fabs without any SAM or T2 AA (mobile or otherwise). Hell, I could have had 2xSRs up in 20 min on that game & wreaked havoc.

I didn't see a SINGLE radar on the map (you had one T2 sonar). OMFG can you say game over??

My advice - go for the early T2 kill / disruption with transport drops or if SCU / SAB drop for that matter. use T3 strat bombers in masses to take out their ACU and or entire economy. For heavens sake, scout & take advantage of weaknesses.
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