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Supreme Commander

2v2 Epic Battle, Fields of Isis

#1Gandalf_Greyhame  Sep 10 2007, 21:19 PM -
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Short summary:

Gametype: 2v2 (custom game)

Map: Fields of Isis

Players: Team 1: Xinus (EON)
MD-Geist (UEF)
Team 2: Invisigoth666 (Cybran)
Morpheus1100101 (UEF)

Features: - Epic length battle
- Surprise finish
- All levels of units/buildings
- Warfare with ground, air, ari, nukes, air-transport,
scu's & experimental units
- Back and forth battles from remote firebases
- Some luck biggrin.gif regarding usage of nukes & antinukes

Descript: My second game online, after some training in LAN. Really nice and long game, using mostly all types of units/buildings. The end is somewhat unconventional (no, no nukes biggrin.gif). The game shows exactly what i think is the best part of SupCom... long battles without determination of winner and loser after the first few skirmishes... Econ is not anything...

Gandalf Greyhame

P.S.: Plz review smile.gif

#2Andronicus  Sep 11 2007, 01:43 AM -
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People need to stop using the word "epic," it dilutes its grandeur.
#3Gandalf_Greyhame  Sep 11 2007, 04:28 AM -
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Yeah, maybe you're right...

Speaking of SupCom-scales this was "only" a long battle, but i wanted to point out that this game wasn't decided (really or virtually smile.gif) after the first 15 minutes as with a lot of other long SupCom games, where winner and loser could be approximated after about that period...

Greetings, Gandalf Greyhame
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