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Tactic Vs Tiptushi - Dividing your attention

#1Elohim  Oct 17 2007, 01:22 AM -
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Man, I am starting to feel like I am spamming this forum! Hehe, let me know when I should stop posting.

I had a good game here aginst high ranking Tiptushi (rank 45) after I beat him, while I was rank 111 after the victory.

Now, I did win, which is great and all, but I still came away thinking, man, I should have done even better. You ever get that?

Upon watching the replay, I find that I did the same thing that I do in many games, which is get so involved in the battles that I completely neglect my eco, which often can lead to my defeat. Here I was lucky with a very early T2 attack with my ACU in tow that Tiptushi could not push back, but notice towards the end that the line at the unemployment agency includes many of my t1 engineers.

So, my question for everyone is whether they have any advice on dividing your attention between your town and battle. How does everyone else make sure that they don't lose track of either?

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